A Hispanic Reader Calls Guzzardi A Vulgarity; He Replies
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From: Cindy Grieder (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Eva Longoria—"Desperate" For More Immigration

Guzzardi is an a——e. He obviously no [sic] nothing about Mexican-Americans.  His hate and bigotry shines through his prose!!!!!

As far as it "being hip" to be Latino—is offensive!!! 

They merely make up a larger part of the ethnic diversity in the U.S. today.

Eva Longoria is right when she says Mexicans/Hispanics are viewed on television in a bad light. 

Do you see Hispanic lawyers, private investigators and doctors as we view so many blacks as portrayed in this role? I see blacks in every single television show I view but never as a criminal?  Oh, and by the way, blacks represent only 12 percent of our nation.

Yet I still see Hispanics as drug dealers on my television viewing only emphasizing and promoting prejudice! There are more Hispanics in Los Angeles which could be portrayed as good hard working people - but aren't!

[VDARE.COM note: See the Los Angeles Police Department Top Ten Most Wanted List here. Nine Hispanic names]

Just because Eva is good-looking is no reason why she can't stand up or promote a cause! Remember, or perhaps you forgot that Mexico was once California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico before the Americans stole their precious land - just like the Indians.  

Hmmmmm, what land did the African Americans ever have?  Who still balk about slavery?  Hispanics don't seek or get on a platform to be heard, but simply work hard for their keep and to be left alone from the likes of Guzzardi!

Guzzardi is obviously a hateful bigot, probably living in California, where he sees the bad in people/Mexicans. Forgetting that every group of people has it's [sic] trash!!!!

Eva is right - no one wants to clean or take care of my yard, or tile my swimming pool because it is hard manual labor. I can find only my Hispanic counterparts to do such grueling work!  They work hard - harder than any other ethnic group when it comes to manual labor!!!!! 

And yes, why bicker about the actual pay, whether it is $2.00 or $5.00 - the bottom line is, it is the lowest pay due to their heritage.  Hey, would you work for these wages???  I didn't think so!!!! 

It's so easy to talk and vent behind a computer, as you relax in your air conditioned home - promoting prejudice in your classroom!  Guzzardi truly disgusts me - and oh, by the way - not all Hispanics are as he obviously views them! 

My sister has her doctorate and teaches English as a second language at Penn State. My brother is an Attorney who teaches at Yale and Harvard, my other sister was as English teacher, and now is in Real Estate making more money than Guzzardi probably does! 

And, I am a retired Flight Attendant, after flying 27 years.  We believe we have earned our Medicare and Social Security!!!!!!!!  With my blonde hair and green eyes, be careful who you talk to - you'll never know if you are talking to a Mexican/Hispanic!

Joe Guzzardi replies: So that the full flavor of her letter would remain, I left Grieder's letter unchanged except in places where editing was necessary for clarification. The punctuation errors, excessive use of exclamation marks and improperly capitalized words are Grieder's errors, not an editing oversight.

If Grieder can only find Hispanics to do the "hard manual labor" to tile her pool, she must not be looking very hard. A U.S. born worker maintains my neighbor's pool. Last year, my roof was replaced by an American crew and an American mows my lawn. Maybe it is Grieder and not me who is addicted to cheap labor.

For someone charging me with bigotry, Grieder is obsessed with African-Americans and their place in our society. Maybe if Grieder weren't living in the 19th Century (note her tedious reference to "stolen land" after the Mexican-American War), she would be aware that black Americans did not come to the U.S. illegally as did so many of her "Hispanic counterparts ".

What's Grieder talking about when she says: "Hispanics don't seek or get on a platform to be heard"? What about Maldef, LULAC. La Raza and countless other organization that are forever in the Mainstream Media promoting aliens and their objectives?

I cannot help but wonder if Grieder developed her surly, confrontational personality during her twenty-seven years as a flight attendant. Or did those unpleasant traits make her the ideal airline employee?

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