A Colorado Reader Says The Alien Invasion Means No One Is Safe
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07/16/07 - An Illinois Reader Discovers Jorge Castaneda's Plan—Flood America With Illegal Aliens And Have Taxpayers Foot The Bill

From: Kurt

Re: Carl Horowitz's Column: Adrienne Shelly: Actress, Filmmaker, Wife, Mother—Illegal Alien Tragedy

Horowitz wrote a good article on Adrienne Shelly. I remember hearing about her murder without the key observation that the killer, Diego Pillco, is an illegal alien from Ecuador. Pillco was merely referred to as a "construction worker."

The elite incorrectly believe that they will be unharmed by illegal immigration and America's changing demographics. They think they can hide behind their gated communities while the rest of us fend for ourselves in the dangerous places that our towns and cities have become.

While Shelly was certainly not an elite (and who knows what her stance on immigration was) her story does highlight a sobering fact - that regardless of whether one's rich, talented, beautiful, trendy, popular, politically correct or just a solid citizen, those qualities are not enough to save you from stabbed, raped or run over by a criminal alien.

No one is safe when the social fabric of a nation deteriorates.

The writer is a sales and marketing consultant in the Boulder area.

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