A Texas Reader Recognizes Ruben Navarrette As A Professional Hispanic
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From: Sam Swank (e-mail him)

Re: Rob Sanchez's Column: Ruben Navarrette: Racism Is "Straight Talk" And An "Accurate Description" When Americans Are The Target

I enjoyed Sanchez's piece about Ruben Navarrette who wrote for the Dallas Morning News (my hometown) before moving to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Recently, Navarrette was picked up by CNN, presumably for his incisive journalism style.

Navarrette's most recent column stated that Americans don't want to be fruit pickers, a really ballsy proposition that he's used before.

From a journalism perspective, Navarrette's article is very poorly executed and offers nothing of substance. What it lacks most is a unique viewpoint that might offers something of substance. That's a common flaw in most Navarrette columns.

You should refer to Navarrette as a professional token conservative Hispanic—which is to say he's an opportunist.

Swank, a teacher and musician, is a Dallas native and the son of Adlai Stevenson supporters.

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