A Connecticut Reader Suggests "Refugee Dumping" As A Talking Point
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Re: Matthew Richer's article New England’s Emerging Refugee Disaster—Smoldering Issue In New Hampshire Primary 

From: Paul Streitz [Email him]

As a long time immigration activist, the term I use is “refugee dumping.” I think this this is a better term than Matthew Richer's “New England’s emerging refugee disaster.” In politics, language counts, and the “dumping” is what you describe as the “refugees” are left to fend for themselves.

Immigration activists still use immigration “moratorium” which means a temporary cessation when they really mean “comprehensive immigration reduction.” The ability to coin good slogans is key in the propaganda war. Make Peace Not War, Loose Lips Sink Ships, Peace and Bread, etc.

There might be something better than “refugee dumping.” if so use it. Also, it is not “emerging” it is already here. I covered the disaster that is Lewiston in my book several years ago.

Read Paul Streitz's earlier letter on "Comprehensive Immigration Reduction" or buy his book America First, which does indeed cover the Lewiston situation in depth.

James Fulford writes: We’re not going to rewrite the stylebook on this one—these things can’t be forced.

However, on the subject of dumping, it’s important to remember that it’s not the sending countries that are doing the dumping, it’s your tax-supported US Government. And sometimes the dumping decision can be changed, locally. That’s what  Lewiston Mayor Laurier Raymond was trying to do in   2002.

See also A Reader Thanks VDARE.COM For Helping Save Her Town, and also Sam Brownback and the Somali Bantu .

Apparently Former Senator Brownback was in favor of all kinds of immigration (and refugee dumping) unless it happened in the state of Kansas, where it might make him unpopular with voters. This strategy seems to have worked for him personally—he’s now the Governor of Kansas.



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