A Reader Claims Ron Paul Can't Win, We Say That's Not Why He's Being Suppressed
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James Fulford’s article  Ron Paul Lynching—Will GOP Insiders Attempt To Dissolve Iowa And Elect A New One?

From: Whiskey  [Email him]

You asked why is the Republican Establishment going after Paul? Because they can sense disaster.

Ron Paul is going nowhere. To the extent that he wins in Iowa, well, you know who that benefits (ala Hugh Hewitt)— Mitt Romney,  who will paint flavor of the moment Newt Gingrich as failed, to that extent he wants Paul to win instead of Newt. And like Pat Buchanan, and Mike Huckabee, and Pat Robertson, go nowhere else afterwards.

Because Iowa is not very representative of Republican primaries. Not the whiteness, but lack of military voters, lack of suburbanites, dominance of rural issues, and particularly evangelical voters. McCain lost Iowa, substantially, to Huckabee. And went on to win the nomination.

Ron Paul is God's Gift to Obama and Democrats. Not because he will win or be a serious candidate. After Iowa he's finished. He's a dagger in the heart of defeating Obama because he's Sarah Palin squared.

If you thought Tina Fey had fun mocking Palin and Republicans as dumb and out of it, and carrying white female professionals to Obama, wait till Saturday Night Live and the late night guys get a hold of Ron Paul. Old, cranky, ill-fitting suit, sexless, "nutty" beats stupid and hick, any day of the week, i terms of using ridicule to turn white professional women off a candidate and for his opponent.

As Steve Sailer has noted, whites voted for McCain in the usual numbers. So did blacks, and Hispanics for Obama. Obama's pull among them was well within the historic averages. What made the difference for Obama IMHO (Sailer likely has other ideas) was white female professionals. Unmarried women went 70-29 for Obama, and while that doubtless includes very many black/Hispanic women, there was enough  approval of Obama by white Female Professionals to gain him the Presidency. As whites decline, Republicans cannot LOSE voting blocs, particularly white professional women. Note the poll, while already dated, shows only white Professional women INCREASING their like of Obama, all other whites decrease.

Its simple electoral math.

This voting block penalizes "racism" and any hint of non-approval of blacks and Hispanics. white Professional Women made "The Help" (both the movie and the book) a hit. They decide elections.

And Paul is a gift to get this group to vote Obama, against Republicans. Lowry and the others (true are not really conservative, just Republicans aka less Liberal Democrats) are doing battlespace preparation, trying to expel and make a non-person out of Paul among Republicans. So Dems/Media people cannot paint Romney and Republicans as the nutty, lunatic, sexless and old version of the Klan.

Is that fair? Nope. Its politics. It ain't beanbag.

Because white professional women are insulated (from manufacturing and resource extraction ups and downs) in the economy, concentrated in government, infotainment, corporate paper-pushing, and benefit however slightly from Affirmative Action preferences, they lean Democratic and penalize severely anyone who reeks of Beta Male (Al Gore, George Herbert Walker Bush, John McCain). Yes this is lamentable too, but it is electoral reality. The fewer whites become, the more dependent Republicans are on appealing to the swing voters among white Professional women. The more they MUST at all points be "Establishment" and hunky-dominant. This pushes politics to the left, but it is because the key importance of the strategic terrain: white professional women. WHOEVER HOLDS THAT TERRAIN WINS. Simple as that. Hence that terrain dictates the politics (soft-left) of both Republicans and Democrats.

To the extent that Ron Paul becomes the face of the Republican Party, that group of voters will be impelled to vote for Obama like watching Oprah while reading "The Help" convinced that they are "fighting against bigotry" (aka icky beta males) and producing a landslide for Obama. The NYT and others doing Obama's bidding are already trying their best to do just that.

Ask yourself one question. Where are all of Ron Paul's female supporters?

Whiskey is the eponymous blogger at Whiskey’s Place.

James Fulford  writes: I don’t claim that Ron Paul is guaranteed to win the general election. As far as I know, even Ron Paul doesn’t claim that. What I’m saying is that the people who want to suppress him would want to suppress him even if he were guaranteed to win.

Look at the 2008 campaign, in which McCain suppressed himself.

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