A New York Reader Requests VDARE.com Christmas Cards (For Next Year)
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From: Thomas McCarthy (e-mail him)

I wish that the VDARE.com  shop could give all your pro-Christmas sentiments a practical application by offering Christmas cards for sale. (It's too late for this year, I know, but perhaps in the future.) I know that a great many people, even those as hard up as I am, still buy and send cards; call it an unavoidable seasonal expense, like the needed new scarf or down jacket. I am sure you could manage to find or assemble three or four different but equally tasteful images, both secular and religious in nature, and combine them with appropriately brief and uncloying messages on the inside (with the option for a blank interior, of course).

I am prepared to commit to being the first customer, but I am certain I wouldn't be the last.

A happy and blessed Christmas to you all.

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