A Chicago Reader Says Ron Paul May Be Bad On Immigration Now, But He Was Even Worse In 1988
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Re: Allan Wall's blog item Ron Paul on Not Pandering To Latinos

"Jack in Chicago" [Email him]

I note with great pleasure that all the GOP Presidential candidates are moving our way on immigration—at least saying things to our voters to try to reassure us that they are not complete Fifth Columnist traitors or just clueless idiots on the live-or-die subject of mass immigration.

Ron Paul now has advertisements saying he'll secure the border, not give amnesty and will end birthright citizenship. Sounds good to me. But, Ron Paul also recently said that Al Qaeda terrorist leader Anwar al-Awlaki was an American citizen—(based on birthright citizenship) and thus deserving of full Constitutional protections. So maybe Ron Paul just has a soft spot for birthright citizenship for murderous Islamic terrorist leaders.

But, for those Ron Paul supporters upset with NumbersUSA giving Ron Paul an F on immigration—please check out this CSPAN call in show from 1988. Ron Paul spouts the Libertarian party line that open borders immigration is just great for America—that the US has too much security on our Southern border and Paul sees no difference between English speaking white Canadians going back and forth across our Northern border and the entire Third World coming in and out (mostly in) across our Southern border. The video is below; see also the unedited 1988 CSPAN call in which features lots of Libertarian wonkery, and ancient history discussions about Communism.[VDARE.com note: It’s ancient history now, but it wasn’t in the 1980s!] Full 1988 CSPAN RP Interview Video

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