A California Reader Wonders If The "Occupy" Movement Will Actually Make People Feel Better About Wall Street
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog items Press Coverage Of Protests and My thought process on Occupy Wall Street

From: Mark Mallarde (e-mail him)

There is a very interesting documentary that has been aired lately on the local PBS station called "Nixon's The One" about the resurrection of Nixon's political career in the late 1960s. The negative reaction of Americans to the anti-war protests–even among Americans generally against the Vietnam War–and race riots figured prominently in Nixon's success in 1968.

If the "Occupy" protests grow in strength, it will be interesting to see if some people mellow their anger towards the financial sector. Personally, I think I agree with your take. These protesters are correct to be angry about something, but they are not savvy enough to know what it is. I hope that they do not provide inadvertent cover to Wall Street.

James Fulford writes: See, for comparative historical purposes

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