A Worker's Compensation Defense Attorney On California's Disbursement Of Employment Development Benefits To Illegal Aliens
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From: "Adi" [Email him]

VDARE.com was kind enough to publish a prior letter wherein I commented on the disgraceful California Workers' Compensation system.

I now bring you more grist for your mill.

Astute observers have noted that California is often a weather-vane or a trendsetter. As goes California, so goes the Union, is a refrain most sonorously uttered by the wise and the fashionable alike. Just because this observation is tripe doesn't necessarily detract from its validity.

While the Federal government has only recently become a "Minority Occupation Government," California has already surrendered to the reconquistadors and their foreign and native enablers. In furtherance of completely bankrupting this state, Governor Moonbeam has recently approved laws that will further deplete the public treasury and erode what is left of our public education.

While most concerned citizens are aware that Hispanics are disproportionately represented on the public dole, they are probably laboring under the illusion that such recipients are legally entitled to such benefits. The more astute may be under the impression that such illegal aliens (or "undocumented Democrats") that obtain these benefits are forging papers to obtain benefits.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the (late) Great State of California, the government will forge your papers so you don't have to! The EDD (Employment Development Department) will provide all illegal aliens with a completely made up Social Security number (series 990-XX-XXXX) to enable disbursal of benefits such as unemployment and disability. This series is utilized exclusively for applicants that are unable to provide a valid Social Security number.

Thus far, no one has asked whether this is tantamount to, not only massive fraud upon the taxpayer (by transferring their taxes to illegals who have no legal right to work in the US (or even be here), but whether this is also a massive fraud upon the Federal Government.   

I don't have an answer. But I would love to have one. Presumably, so would the taxpaying citizens of this fair land.

Thank you for all your hard work.


The writer's previous letter was A Worker's Compensation Defense Attorney Says He's NEVER Deposed An Honest Immigrant


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