A Reader Writes On The Killing Of "American Citizen" Anwar al-Awlaki—Poster Boy For Birthright Citizenship Reform
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October 03, 2011, 03:26 AM
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From: An Actual American Citizen [Email him]

I can understand Ron Paul`s concern over assassinating an American citizen without a trial. [An unconstitutional killing: Obama`s killing of Awlaki violates American principles, By Ron Paul, NY Daily News, October 2, 2011] However, Anwar al-Awlaki would never have been a citizen if we had reasonable birth citizenship rules. Neither of his parents were citizens or permanent residents of the United States. His father was a foreign student who later served in the Yemeni government as Minister of Agriculture.

James Fulford writes: If al-Awlaki, though born in New Mexico,   decided to move overseas and from there, levy war against the United States, I`m not worried about the US killing him.

Paul`s suggestion that he should have been brought to the United States for trial is impractical. Dr.  Paul would have a better argument if he suggested that the US shouldn`t be bombing people in Yemen because the US isn`t at war with Yemen, just as it isn`t, officially,  with Libya.

However, in order to actually go in and bring al-Awlaki out alive, America would have had to actually go to war with Yemen. 

That being said, al-Awlaki is something of a poster boy for birthright citizenship reform, like many of the so-called homegrown terrorists I discussed in a Memorial Day column. See also A Chicago Reader Discovers That The "American" The Obama Administration Wants To Kill Isn`t That American.