A CA Financial Analyst Remembers Immigration Lawyer Jennifer Harbury As A Guatemalan Guerilla's Wife
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From: Jack B. Quick (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Blog: Lady Immigration Attorney Harbors Illegal; Gets Kidnapped

Jennifer Harbury, the kidnapped immigration lawyer and illegal alien advocate that Brimelow wrote about, was a fierce opponent of American's involvement in the Guatemalan Civil War more than two decades ago. Harbury has since been lionized and is a darling of the left for her work uncovering the role of the CIA in that bloody conflict.

Harbury's involvement in US-Guatemalan politics started with her legal aid work on the US-Mexican border helping illegal aliens fleeing Mexico and Central America.

Eventually, Harbury traveled to Guatemala where she married Efrain Bamaca Velasquez, AKA Comandante Everardo, a Mayan guerrilla who led the resistance.

Their union was unlikely since Harbury is a Harvard Law School graduate gringa and Velasquez was an uneducated Indian peasant.

When the Comandante was eventually tortured and killed, Harbury picked up his cause with her pen and microphone.

As an educated female U.S. citizen, Harbury was beyond reproach. She used Velasquez's death, which the Guatemalan and American governments first denied, to attack U.S. foreign policy in the name of human rights.

The same ideology that compelled Harbury to become a one- woman propaganda machine out to expose the CIA and the U.S. is now focused on helping illegal aliens destroy America.

Quick lives in the San Francisco area. His previous letters about deporting aliens, Wells Fargo, failed amnesty demonstrations and the ignominious Eliot Spitzer are here, here, here and here.

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