A Seattle Mariner Fan Says Ichiro's Inability To Speak English Is A "Disgrace"
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From: Bill Caudill (e-mail him)

Re: Nicholas Stix Blog: Ichiro Milestone: "Ugly Japanese" Is First Player To Reach 2,000 Hits While Refusing To Learn English

How Ichiro Suzuki can be acclaimed as one of baseball's all-time greats even though he does not speak a word of English is beyond me.

Over the last nine years, Ichiro has earned tens of millions working and living in Seattle.

Ichiro should have enough respect for the community in which he makes his fortune to learn at least conversational English. Stix is correct to call Ichiro's insistence on speaking Japanese a contemptuous gesture.

Maybe Ichiro could learn from the old Saturday Night Live character, Chico Escuela, and muster up a few English phrases so he could muddle through a mindless baseball interview.

As Chico so often said: "Beisbol been bery, bery good to me!"

Caudill's previous letter about how diversity destroyed the Mariners is here.

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