A Reader Takes Hope From The Fizzled Immigration Demonstrations
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05/03/07 - A Reader Has Another View Of Illegal Alien Marches

From: Jack B. Quick: [e-mail him]

The basic rule of being an illegal alien is do not attract attention to yourself.  The same can be said for those who profit from them.

Illegals do not want to draw attention for the obvious reasons.  Instead they try to push for de facto amnesty by blurring the lines between legal and illegal immigration.  Many are sojourners at heart and only come here for the money and benefits but have no real interest in being American let alone even liking Americans.  Now that illegals have reached something of a critical mass they less resemble the "humble Mexicans" of the last generation now that they feel free to show their true colors.

There are many businesses that would prefer the status quo.  They profit from an endless flow of cheap, young, disposable labor that is pliant and desperate.  All that an amnesty will do is cause their existing workforce to become uppity and potentially cut off the continued flow.  This is why higher immigration quotas are lumped in with the current amnesty proposals.  This is their one last chance to take advantage before the door is slammed shut.

The street protests of a year ago are born out of desperation as much as they are born out of feeling strength.  Like Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz, American's have the power to click our ruby slippers together and start a reversal of the current situation.  No one knows that better than the illegals.  Part of the legislation in the Sensenbrenner Bill was making instant background checks for employment mandatory (The Basic Pilot program).  That alone does more to throw a spanner in the works then anything else.  Furthermore, it has come to the attention of all that massive document fraud is being committed avoid the dilemma.  Even the lame Bush Administration has been forced to fess up (The Swift raid).  This can be fixed with secure biometric social security cards. 

The beauty of choking off work for illegals is that it hits the two birds with one stone.  Once it is impossible to hire illegals then companies will be forced to come out in the open to lobby for higher legal limits rather than trying to emasculate enforcement.  This will at least bring them out in the open for all to see. 

As for the illegals, they can protest all they want, once they lose their income they are just tourists without money that will eventually return to whence they came from.  We will also benefit from the fact that the one type of attention they thrive from, bogus civil rights violations, cannot be used as a tactic to any longer because there will no longer be work place raids.  Just letters that say, "You are fired". 

We are a lot closer to winning this war than anyone wants you to believe.   

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