An Iowa Reader Says Keep Rigoberta Menchu In Guatemala Where She Belongs
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From: Leroy Wheat (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum: An Iowa Reader Says Postville Aliens Have A Savior On The Way—Rigoberta Menchu

Who in his right mind would give a visa to Guatemalan liar and anti-American agitator Rigoberta Menchu so she could travel to Postville Iowa to stir up the pot about the U.S. and its immigration laws?

Among Menchu's comments to the arrested aliens who worked at the Agriprocessors plant:

  • "You can become an example of a fight for a new beginning for immigration laws in the U.S. ... laws that respect human rights."
  • "So many things have happened that are questionable. The injustice is unbelievable. Especially those ankle bracelets - those physical chains they have put on you. They represent oppression and are tampering with your liberty, your freedom."

And from the aliens came these all too familiar tear-drenched statements: 

  • "We endured a lot of humiliation from immigration officials. They made jokes about us. We had to eat wearing shackles and wear the same clothes over and over. It was very sad, because we just came here to work."
  • "That day scarred my heart." [Nobel Prize Winner Says Its Time To Reform U.S. Immigration Laws, By Sarah Strandberg, Decorah Newspapers, November 10, 2008]

Interestingly, Menchu is dismissed in her native Guatemala.

In early February 2007, Menchú announced that she would form an indigenous political party and that she would stand in the presidential election. Menchú received only 3 percent of the vote.

Wheat's previous letters about how diversity has corrupted his workplace and immigration as fodder for television comedians are here and here.

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