Trump’s Huge-Headed Tadpole Cabinet: DOJ and DHS Are All That Really Matter
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It was a joyous Thanksgiving for us immigration patriots, as our man continues interviewing for his executive team while the nation echoes to the festive sound of liberals' heads exploding. [Bang!] Oh, there goes another one. Happy, happy days!

As we go to press, The Donald is taking a Thanksgiving break with the family down at his spread in Palm Beach, Florida. [Al fresco in Florida! Donald Trump shares a cozy dinner with Melania, son Barron and two friends on the second night of his 'brief break in the action' at Mar-a-Lago, By Geoff Earle,, November 24, 2016] Sincere wishes from us here to them there for a cheerful and relaxing long weekend.

This follows a week of firming up some lower-level picks for the Trump cabinet. We got Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo as nominee for CIA Director, a post which needs Senate confirmation, and General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, which doesn't.

I can't claim to know much about either person. But they are hated by all the right people, so that's good. In the case of National Security Advisor, it's also hopeful to look at who General Flynn is replacing: Mulatto Mafia diversicrat Susan Rice, eager camp follower of Mrs. Clinton and one of Radio Derb's designated Three Horsegirls of the Libyan Apocalypse, the other two being Samantha Power and the Hildebeest itself. Gen. Flynn can only be an improvement.

Later in the week we got some more minor picks. Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina, is to be our ambassador to the United Nations.

I can't say I'm a fan of Governor Haley. After a lunatic with a Confederate Battle Flag in his attic murdered nine people in Charleston last year, Governor Haley led the charge to eliminate the flag from public display, thereby ceding public policy to the whims of lunatics.

Ambassador to the U.N. is, however, such a joke of a posting that I can't work up any feelings about the appointment. The U.N. is a waste of good New York real estate, as I hope President Trump will come to realize. My personal pick for this job would have been Pee Wee Herman.

Another diversity pick seems to be Ben Carson. I say "seems to be" because Dr. Carson is playing the shy bride, declining to say whether he'll take the job or not. Apparently he wants to be courted. This confirms the dark suspicions about Dr. Carson that you hear in some quarters. But again, this is not a very consequential post, so nothing to get worked up about one way or the other.

I don't even understand why the republic needs a Department of Housing and Urban Development. Isn't this just a legacy of the mid-20th-century Planning craze—the philosophy that gave us Brasilia, Cabrini Green, and the chancrous housing projects of Liverpool where I worked for two years?

Again, though, Dr. Carson is at least an American of some professional accomplishment. He'd make a refreshing contrast with the current HUD Secretary, Affirmative Action mediocrity Julian Castro.

My dismissive feelings about the posts of U.N. Ambassador and HUD Secretary can be squared and cubed for the post of Education Secretary.

I wrote in We Are Doomed:

The whole culture of professional educators is addled with chicanery, corruption, rent-seeking, time-serving, and lies … Reading through the literature of present-day ed biz, every time you think you've found an argument, assertion, or proposal than which nothing could possibly be dumber, something dumber soon shows up.
I have since become much more negative. I have in fact progressed from being an education minimalist to an education nihilist. It's all just a stupendous waste, to no purpose.

I'll qualify my nihilism slightly. I'll allow that up to about fourth or fifth grade, kids need to be sat at desks in rows under firm discipline and have the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic hammered into their silly heads.

Everything after that, though, is just child-minding.

Whether this has always been the case, I couldn't swear. Nineteenth-century Britain, which built a vast and remarkably efficient world empire staffed by men whose education consisted entirely of memorizing Latin texts, suggests that it has been.

Regardless: In this age of cell phones and iPads, there is surely no doubt that any inquisitive child can learn anything he wants to learn without adult supervision.

A great many kids of course don't want to learn anything, and won't, under any system. They don't learn anything now, as we see every time some TV show sends a reporter into the streets to ask passers-by the name of the Vice President, or to say which century the Civil War was fought in. My own two kids, both bright and witty, raised in a house full of books, did four years of school Spanish each. Neither can utter a complete sentence in Spanish.

Education is a crock. Federal supervision of education is just another layer of make-work bureaucracy—a fifth or sixth layer—of crock management.

I suspect, and hope, Donald Trump knows this. Whether he does or not, the President has no power to disband the Department of Education, which would be the most beneficial thing for the country. He has therefore nominated some fellow billionaire's wife for the post of Education Secretary. [Betsy DeVos: Everything You Need to Know,   By Corinne Cathcart, ABCNews, ,November 23, 2016] I'm sure she'll do fine.

For those of us convinced that continuing mass Third World immigration is the major threat to our republic, with the malicious stoking of anti-white resentment as runner-up in the threat league, President Trump's cabinet is anyway a tadpole: a huge and very important head attached to a not-very-consequential tail.

That head is comprised of the two posts that oversee most of our population policy: Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security.

Those two posts don't encompass all of our population policy. The State Department has significant input to our refugee resettlement programs, a vast and corrupt money racket. State Department employees in our embassies and consulates abroad also issue visas—far too many, with far too little scrutiny.

I'd dearly like to see an immigration patriot at State, but it doesn't look as though I'm going to.

But Attorney General and DHS Secretary are the big ones—the head of the tadpole. The news that Senator Jeff Sessions is under serious consideration for A-G, and Kris Kobach for the DHS, is simply wonderful. These are two men who want the people's laws on entry and immigration firmly enforced; and, in the many areas where the laws work against the interests of U.S. citizens, they want the laws changed.

With Senator Jeff as A-G there will also be a righteous cleaning-out of the stables at the Justice Department. The Civil Rights Division has degenerated into an ATM for anti-white activist groups, sluicing public money to them through grants and lawsuits.

With Sessions in charge, the race hustlers will have to find real jobs in the actual economy … if they can. Immigration issues aside, that will be something wonderful to see.

We don't have either man in office yet, though. The cheap-labor lobbies and the anti-white activists will fight tooth and nail to prevent congressional confirmation of these patriots.

They could succeed. The Senate has to confirm both nominations. In the 115th Congress, which takes its seats on January 3rd, the Senate will likely have 52 Republicans, 46 Democrats, and two Independents. "Independent" is a fancy way of saying "left-liberal"; indeed, one of the two Independents is Bernie Sanders. The other is Angus King of Maine, graded F-minus on immigration by NumbersUSA. That's worse than Bernie, who's a C-minus.

So it's 52-48 in the Senate. The 48 are of course all going to vote both Sessions and Kobach down. If the Third World immigration spigot is shut off, the Democratic Party has no future.

The 52 are problematic, though. Some high proportion of the GOP Senators are bought-and-paid-for shills for the cheap labor lobbies—what we at sometimes call the Slave Power. The mentality of Jeb Bush, who ran for the GOP nomination on a platform of preferring Mexicans to Americans, is widespread among Republicans.

This is going to be the fight of the century. We can win it, though. We have killed three attempts to force immigration amnesty through Congress. We can kill the efforts to block Sessions and Kobach using the same methods.

A tadpole without a head is a sorry sight.

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