A Virginia Reader Has Been Doing The Research On Dr. Ben Carson
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Re: James Fulford’s Article “I Lunged At Him, Plunging The Knife Into His Abdomen”—Black “Conservative” Ben Carson Identifies With Trayvon

From: Virginia Paleoconservative [Email him]

Thanks for James Fulford’s illuminating article on Dr. Ben Carson. Based on my analysis of him Dr. Carson is not be the idealized “great black hope” that some gullible conservatives hope he is. In fact, he may be a self-promoter who is adept at hustling conservative whites. I have been suspicious of Carson for a while, and gathered information on him as follows:

On immigration he does not want to deport illegal aliens and desires more “guest worker” programs.

Curiously, for a physician he has not expressed concern for the dangerous illnesses being brought to the nation by illegal aliens.

He believes the exclusion of women from military front line combat roles, and strenuous, dangerous occupations such as firefighter is due to discrimination (One NationChapter 6 – Bigotry). Perhaps Dr. Carson did not perform very well in his orthopedics rotation in medical school, or believes being politically correct tops medical science.

If you have been browsing the popular conservative web sites you may have seen a pop-up ad with Dr. Carson’s image for the American Legacy PAC that he is the Chairman of its “Save Our Healthcare” project . This PAC’s purpose is collecting donations from individuals and then contributing them to political candidates who would reverse Obamacare. However, when one analyzes the ratio of donations to actual political contributions for the “cause” it is enough to make one ill.

Most of the money was spent on fundraising firms; the largest being InfoCision Management for $3,959,497. This firm has had a long association with Newt Gingrich who is the Honorary Co-Chair of American Legacy PAC.

And the sad part is the donors – note the large number of retirees - are probably trusting older whites who are awed by Dr. Carson being the chairman!

After my research on Dr. Ben Carson and his PAC I am more disgusted than ever with “Conservatism Inc.” and the hustlers behind it.

I did not actually buy Carson’s book, One Nation but I skimmed through it at Costco. My impression of Carson he that he writes at the middle school level. His spiel consists of mostly platitudes and simplistic solutions for national issues. I saw him live at CPAC and he sounds good, but has no substance. I much preferred seeing the fantastic Ann Coulter there.

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