Happy Thanksgiving From VDARE.com—This Year We Have Something To Be Thankful For!
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Bloomberg News isn't as sure of why that is as you, I and Matt Drudge are. Their headline on that story is "Soaring Consumer Confidence: Are Americans Happy It's Trump, or Just Happy It's Over?"

But the confidence is real. See Bloomberg chart below.

Maybe they're happy Obama is over, although of course it would be racist to say so.

Not every American is happy—as Ann Coulter notes below, a lot of Democrats need cheering up. So do a lot of Republican political consultants. I remember that when George H. W. Bush lost to Bill Clinton in '92, some conservative writer recounted the story of the child of a Bush I Administration staffer asking his mother "Does that mean Daddy is out of a job?" The mother said "No, dear, it means everyone we know is out of a job."

they-never-go-back-to-pocatello-neal-steve-9780875952017Now that's going to happen not only to the Obama Administration's Affirmative Action cases, but a lot of Establishment Republicans and Campaign Consultants who would have been hired by a Jeb Bush administration. (They'll hang around doing something, though—one reason they "Never Go Back To Pocatello" is that the political class is no damned use to private industry.)

This Thanksgiving, there'll be the usual Vox and NYT stories about how righteous young people should deal with their Trump-voting relatives from "Your Father's America", which may include your actual father—the guy who paid for college—and which assumes that there no young Trump voters and old Socialists.

I just want to remind the people who are having these arguments that nothing like that is going on around black, Muslim,  or Mexican immigrant dinner tables at this time of year—they're all agreed on hating both of you.

See The Cold Civil War On Thanksgiving–Thanksgiving Table Arguments About “Racism” Are Only Happening In White Families.

There is a War On Thanksgiving (too white, too Christian, too American, and unpopular with Indians) the same as their is a War On Christmas, but I'm too grateful to be going on about that now.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and check out our archive of Thanksgiving columns from previous years.

VDARE.com wishes you a happy and united thanksgiving!

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