Nikki Haley Compares Trump To Ferguson And Baltimore Rioters—Left Gets Offended...On Behalf Of The Rioters
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Nikki Haley, has confirmed that she was deliberately attacking Trump last night in her State Of The Union response.

In an interview with black TV host Don Lemon on CNN’s “New Day” she compared Trump to Ferguson and Baltimore rioters:

LEMON: I think I want to start with that soundbite. You said the ‘loudest voices in the room.’ Was that comment directed at Donald Trump?

HALEY: Partially him, but a lot of people. You know, a lot of what I was talking about is that we’ve seen across our country — if you look at Ferguson and Baltimore we are seeing that people have to be loud, they have to be angry to have their voices heard.

[Nikki Haley Confirms She Targeted Donald Trump In SOTU Response; GOP Leaders Approved, by John Nolte,, January 13, 2015]

Trump may be something of a firebrand, but as far as I know, he hasn't burned down any stores.

In the actual State of the Union response, she compared the lack of black riots in her state of South Carolina after the Dylann Roof murders with the rioting elsewhere.

The Left has denounced this comparison—they're defending the rioters.

Haley lamented “chaotic unrest in many of our cities,” later comparing the response to the attack on a black church in Charleston by a white supremacist with the protests triggered by police killings of unarmed black people.

“What happened after the tragedy is worth pausing to think about,” she said. “Our state was struck with shock, pain, and fear. But our people would not allow hate to win. We didn’t have violence, we had vigils. We didn’t have riots, we had hugs.”

“We didn’t turn against each other’s race or religion,” she continued. “We turned toward God, and to the values that have long made our country the freest and greatest in the world.”

This isn’t the first time Haley has held up the forgiveness displayed by Charleston’s African American community to denounce largely peaceful protests in Ferguson and Baltimore.

“Black lives do matter,” she said in a speech about race in September. “And they have been disgracefully jeopardized by the movement that has laid waste to Ferguson and Baltimore.”

Nikki Haley Uses Republican State Of The Union Response To Disparage Black Lives Matter, by Aviva Shen, ThinkProgress, Jan 12, 2016

"Largely peaceful protests" is good—did you know Japan was "largely peaceful" on December 7, 1941? It was only a few people in the Imperial Japanese Navy who spoiled it.

Richard B. Spencer has a question about one part of her speech:

Apparently not—see her swift surrender of the Confederate Flag last June: South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley says Confederate flag has ‘no place’ on statehouse ground, Fox News, June 22 2015].

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