Russian Meddling Case Shows Americans Won’t Tolerate Foreigners Messing In Our Elections! (Unless They’re Mexican, Israeli, Saudi, Chinese…)
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The world’s sole superpower won’t bother you if you illegally occupy our territory and parade under foreign flags, but God help you if you publish an illegal meme. The increasingly ludicrous Robert Mueller investigation has charged thirteen Russians with violating electoral laws after they allegedly pretended to be Americans, promoted phony news stories and ran troll social networking accounts [Takeaways from Robert Mueller’s indictment of Russian nationals who meddled in presidential election, by Ray Locker and Richard Wolf, USA Today, February 16, 2018]. This sudden Main Stream Media interest in preventing foreign interference in American elections gives President Trump an opportunity—which no other political figure has the courage to seize.

The Russian effort was not simply “pro-Trump.” They also allegedly organized rallies against Trump once he was elected, tried to boost Bernie Sanders and the Green Party’s Jill Stein, and tried to exploit “radical groups… and oppositional social movements” including Black Lives Matter. [Here are the biggest takeaways from the Russia indictments, by Jennifer Williams, Vox, February 16, 2018]

As none of the defendants will ever be extradited by Russia or brought to trial, we may never know the real story.

The MSM/Opposition Party is trying desperately to promote this as a bombshell but it’s more like a drop in the bucket compared to the vast sums assembled and spent on advertising in the American presidential campaign [The Trump-Russia collusion narrative is dead, by Fred Fleitz, Fox News, February 17, 2018]. If this is the power of the Kremlin to disrupt American society, the U.S. government has very little to worry about—especially as our own federal government is running similar operations in other countries, including Russia. [Russia Isn’t The Only One Meddling In Elections. We Do It Too. By Scott Shane, New York Times, February 17, 2018]

But Americans themselves should be deeply worried. The excuse of “combating the Russians” will likely be used to suppress any voices that dissent from the Establishment line on immigration, trade or foreign policy. Papers like the Washington Post have already tried to frame a host of websites (including!) as “Russian propaganda.” The anti-“Fake News” crusade launched immediately after the election was a coordinated attempt to de-legitimize President Trump’s victory.

If Russia didn’t exist, MSM Narrative Enforcers would have to invent it. The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States was Not Supposed To Happen. For journalists, celebrities, academics, and other mouthpieces of the System, the election of a man they loathe to the most prestigious office in the world was not just a political threat, but a social threat to their status and self-image.

The “Russian collusion” explanation was thus necessary to explain how they hadn’t really lost and how Trump and the Republicans had cheated. Indeed, Trump and the GOP had committed “treason,” so investigating them and shutting them up isn’t the suppression of free speech, but the protection of national independence. As is Mueller’s charging of the hated (but unarrestable) Russians.

And, in fairness, the overall theory is not farcical. The half-joking slogan “control the memes, control the planet” actually reflects a deep truth about national security in the modern century.

Most people will believe whatever the dominant media Establishment tells them to believe and will follow whatever Narrative has been assigned. Control of media outlets is as important to a country’s sovereignty and independence as was ownership of sufficient coal or iron ore in a prior age.

And just as socialists of yesteryear wanted to control the means of production, today’s Leftists need the “memes of production.” Thus, the likes of George Soros are calling for government regulation of social media to ensure that only he and his foundations can manipulate voters, not “populists” [Soros Calls On EU To Regulate Social Media To Fight Populism, by Liam Deacon, Breitbart, February 16, 2018].

Russian “meddling” could provide an excuse. But the MSM’s contrasting indifference towards non-Russian foreigners manipulating America shows they don’t actually believe their own rhetoric about fighting external influence.

For example, the head of the FBI recently made the extraordinary declaration that China’s entire society constitutes a subversive threat, pointing not just to its espionage efforts but to ostensible language-learning bodies such as the “Confucius Institutes,” which he accused of promoting Narratives favorable to the Chinese government at American universities [The director of the FBI says the whole of Chinese society is a threat to the US, and that Americans must step up to defend themselves, by Michal Kranz, Business Insider, February 13, 2018]. Australia and New Zealand are already reeling from revelations about how China allegedly manipulated their governments to support Chinese foreign policy aims [Left panics on Russia as China buys influence over U.S., WND, February 4, 2018]. But there is no anti-Chinese campaign coming from American reporters.

Or consider something far more invasive than a few Russians posting messages on Twitter: the efforts of the Mexican government to help their nationals north of the border obtain citizenship and so effect American elections. This is especially blatant given the open proclamation by Mexican governments that they consider Mexicans within American territory to be a part of the Mexican nation.

Or consider the scale of Saudi funding to American institutions and in our political system, and how Congress seems to be utterly indifferent to any evidence the Kingdom is involved in terrorism against the U.S. Indeed, for much of the last generation, the American military seems to operate as mercenaries for the Saudi royal family, taking out the Kingdom’s enemies in the Middle East for no moral reason or real American interest. Given America’s skyrocketing domestic oil production, we don’t even need Saudi Arabia for raw materials.

And of course, consider Israel, whose control of American foreign policy is all but taken for granted in both American political parties. Despite President Trump’s slavish support of Israel, Jewish groups in the U.S., including those that explicitly defend Israel’s right to be an ethnically Jewish, overwhelmingly oppose Trump —and also any suggestion that this country should have anything close to Israel’s immigration policies.

If America was a serious country, every Chinese “Confucius Institute” would be shut down, every Mexican consulate facilitating illegal immigration would be seized, and our various ethnic lobbies would be under serious investigation for ties to foreign powers.

None of that will happen, and the same media screaming about Russia is in the forefront of making sure it will not weapon.

Which brings us to the largest problem with the Ruling Class Narrative. It is not Russia that has caused division and disunity in the U.S. Even accepting the argument that Russia is a hostile actor exploiting certain divisions, it is the American MSM itself that more than anyone else is to blame for these divisions.

After all, it’s not Russian actors who fueled riots in Ferguson based on a lie, incited violence against President Trump, the Republican Congress, and conservative voters, or who endlessly urge vengeance on the country’s European-American majority in just about every popular culture program.  Journalists and media executives did that all by themselves, without any foreign help. Asking Americans to unite against Russia is absurd when even the most anti-American Russian troll hates us less than the typical “American” reporter does.

But President Trump, who went on an extraordinary Tweetstorm on Sunday, can use this hatred to his advantage, as he so often does.

If the MSM is suddenly concerned about foreign influence in our elections, let’s see an investigation into voter fraud by foreigners and a push for a secure ID. Let’s see crackdowns on all foreign influence peddling operations, including the Mexicans, the Saudis, the Israelis, the Chinese, and others. And most importantly, let’s take a cue from Mexico and make it a crime for non-citizens on American soil to engage in activism designed to influence American politics.

After all, if the Mueller investigation is about foreigners meddling in our society, it’s time to put America First.

And if journalists are being sincere, how can they object?

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

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