Why So Much Jewish Fear And Loathing Of Donald Trump?
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There has been extraordinary, almost unhinged anxiety among some Jews about Donald Trump's campaign for the GOP Presidential nomination. It has no solid basis, but unfortunately it does speak to their profound neurosis and alienation from the historic American nation.

It’s worth asking how, from the general Jewish point of view, Trump departs from the ideal presidential candidate. This ideal candidate is (1) predictably and fanatically pro-Israel; (2) predictably liberal/Left on social issues, particularly anything related to immigration and multiculturalism; and (3) in need of big campaign money contingent on satisfying (1) and (2). Jeb Bush, who was the early favorite of Sheldon Adelson and the Republican Jewish Coalition, filled the bill quite well. But Bush now seems to be fading, with Adelson leaning toward Marco Rubio—he of the Gang of Eight Amnesty/Immigration Surge bill and saying all the right things about Israel and the Middle East.

Trump could hardly be more acceptable on Israel, given his statement that “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.” [When it comes to Jewish ties, no GOP candidate trumps Trump, by Uri Heilman, Times of Israel, August 8, 2015]On the other hand, he does not come across as an ideal neoconservative candidate, having stated that he would not have invaded Iraq (strongly promoted by Israel, the neocons, and the Israel Lobby), opposes using US force for "nation-building,” another favorite neocon policy and one of the rationales for the Iraq invasion, and for his recent statements on Syria—that Putin's support for Assad makes more sense than the US policy ("we don't even know who we're backing")[Trump on Putin Controlling Syria: ‘OK, Fine,’ Him Fighting ISIS ‘Wonderful Thing,’ ‘Very Little Downside’, Breitbart.com, September 29, 2015

Additionally, of course, Trump has long-term business connections with Jews, Jews have highly visible positions in his campaign, his daughter has converted to Judaism and his grandchildren are being raised Jewish.

Nevertheless, despite all that, there have been many instances of well-connected, high-profile Jews expressing extreme anxiety about Trump. It seems to me that the common denominator here is nothing less than that they see Trump as undermining the elite consensus on immigration—even though his debate performance last night raised questions about how much—and, implicitly, on the moral imperative of euthanizing White America.

Or to put it less delicately, they see Trump as potentially leading to a fascist counter-revolution that would spell the end of the project, very much promoted by the Jewish community, of creating a multi-cultural, non-White America completely cut off from its pre-1965 moorings.

As often noted here, mainstream Jewish political attitudes and behavior in the US, from the far Left to the neoconservative right, has always been directed at lessening the demographic, political, and cultural power of White America. This is exemplified by the successful campaign to enact the 1965 immigration law and, even more significant, the continued support for high levels of immigration by the entire organized Jewish community.

There are two main reasons for this: a concern that a homogeneous White America could ultimately rise up against Jews, as occurred in Hitler's Germany (see here for discussion of a recent American example involving economist Bryan Caplan); and historic antipathy toward Christian Europeans, an outgroup seen exclusively in the context of the Jewish preoccupation with anti-Semitism.

Obviously, these attitudes are not shared by all American Jews. But they do represent the thrust of Jewish power in the U.S. And we know this is not a principled stance, but rather is a form of ethnic strategizing in the diaspora, because the organized Jewish community also supports Israel as a Jewish state that restricts immigration of non-Jews and is actively involved in the dispossession of the Palestinians.

One example:

“There are a lot of folks who are, to be charitable, into white identity politics, and to be uncharitable are outright racists, who are supporting Trump,” said Nathan Wurtzel, a Republican political consultant and principal at The Catalyst Group, who is Jewish. “It’s very off-putting and disturbing.”

[Donald Trump’s Rise Sparks Widespread Angst Among Jewish Republicans, by Josh Nathan-Kazis, Forward, September 10, 2015]

The concern that "white racists" support Trump has been the focus of many articles, including Evan Osnos' The fearful and the frustrated| Donald Trump's nationalist coalition takes shape—for now (The New Yorker, August 31, 2015—the headline is yet another example of psychoanalyzing away legitimate White interests).

But why be concerned that Trump is supported by the tiny part of the electorate that explicitly voices White identities and interests? His policies may be supported by White advocates, but they also supported by most Americans. And, after all, there’s no parallel concern that Democratic candidates are regularly supported by Communists.

The reason in my opinion: a real fear that Trump might actually do something on immigration, legal and illegal, that would slow White dispossession, and that this could perhaps snowball into something far greater, with unknown consequences.

This is a huge concern for these Jewish activists. The fact is that Trump's statements on immigration have tapped into a groundswell of popular sentiment, propelling his remarkable performance in the polls. As VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow has noted: "Objectively, Trump’s historical function is clearly to break the Washington Cartel and to bring the immigration issue into politics."

Until Trump came along, there really was no mainstream politician and almost no Main Stream Media voices (Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan are exceptions) that were mentioning birthright citizenship, immigrant crime, or the effects of legal immigration on the labor market. White Americans are a sleeping giant, lulled to sleep by the MSM, by cuckservative politicians, and by the creation an atmosphere of fear where dissident opinions are severely punished by job loss, ostracism, etc., and there are huge rewards for going along with the status quo.

Jewish academic and media activists have spent the last century promoting the idea that White racial/ethnic interests do not exist. But they still appear to be well aware that a pro-white conflagration can be sparked quite easily. Even with all the propaganda, all the punishments for deviation, and all the incentives for going along with the system, politics are increasingly racialized in the U.S.—racial identity rather than social class is now critical for explaining voting behavior. There is clearly a significant segment of the White electorate that is disaffected with the Republican Establishment—and certainly does not see salvation with the Democrats.

When neocon Ben Wattenberg famously asserted in his book The Good News Is The Bad News Is Wrong] that “The non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendental quality”, he was speaking for very many American Jews and certainly for the organized Jewish community. But America has not yet been non-Europeanized—at least not completely and not irreversibly. The possibility that Donald Trump could begin the process of re-Europeanizing America is horrifying to these (n.b. Republican) Jewish activists.

Another example of Jewish Republican angst: Trump, Carson have Republican Jewish establishment worried| Longtime GOP Jewish donors and activists look on in dismay as the two presidential hopefuls lead the polls [by Rom Kampeas, The Times Of Israel, September 26 2015]:

[Support for Trump is] a disorienting experience for longtime Republican Jewish donors and activists, who have made inroads into the party’s establishment over the last two decades, and who have been at the forefront of advocacy for tolerance and pluralism within the party.

“The tone of what they’re saying, we get painted as a party of intolerance,” said [fundraiser Fred] Zeidman, who practices law in the Houston area and backs Bush’s candidacy. ...

[Op-Ed editor of the New York Post Seth] Mandel said online that white supremacist backing for Trump—who has suggested immigrants from Mexico are predominantly criminals—has been unsettling. “That will always make Jews uncomfortable, that’s why there’s so much pushback” among some Jewish conservatives against the Trump candidacy. [Link in original]

For the last 35 years or so, the neocons have been pushing the GOP to the Left on social issues—and yes, neoconservatism is a Jewish movement. But notice that, as is so often the case, Kampeas’ article presents Jewish interests in a non-European America as fulfilling the loftiest of moral sentiments. It's all about “pluralism” and “tolerance”—virtues that the great majority of Americans agree with (but of course are completely absent from Jewish rhetoric on Israeli policies). Whites are told they have a moral imperative to become a minority.

This is a rhetoric that is uniquely effective in the West, with devastating results. I believe we must understand such claims for what they are: expressions of Jewish ethnic interests that conflict with the legitimate ethnic interests of Whites in preserving their demographic and cultural dominance in societies they created and have dominated for hundreds and, in the case of Europe, thousands of years.

Given this deep concern that Trump may imperil the project of dispossessing White America, it is not surprising that for some Jewish activists, even the most benign statements by Trump conjure up images of Hitler and National Socialism. For example, this statement by Ross Kaminsky writing in American Spectator that again focuses on Trump's immigration plan:

His plan to require businesses to “hire American workers first” has the stench of xenophobia backed up by the fist of government. Perhaps as a Jew I’m overly sensitive, but when I hear Trump speak I can’t help but think of “Germany for the Germans.”

Trump’s Shameful Immigration Plan, August 18 2015

This is outrageous on its face—isn't it obvious that US immigration policy should be about the interests of Americans? But actually, it's not obvious at all. Indeed, it reflects a deep reality—that Jewish attitudes on immigration have a long history of being explicitly unconcerned with the interests of America or its traditional majority population. Rather, the Jewish view is that immigration policy should be based on moral principles, not the interests of Americans. Immigration of all races is a sacred value, far more important than the qualities of the immigrants or what they can contribute to America.

Thus in 1948, at a time when the 1924 immigration law favoring immigration from Northwest Europe was still in force, the American Jewish Committee submitted to a Senate subcommittee a statement simultaneously denying the importance of the material interests of the United States and affirming its commitment to immigration of all races:

Americanism is not to be measured by conformity to law, or zeal for education, or literacy, or any of these qualities in which immigrants may excel the native born. Americanism is the spirit behind the welcome that America has traditionally extended to people of all races, all religions, all nationalities.
Again reflecting the extraordinarily low threshold for linking Trump with National Socialism, Bethany Mandel, also writing in The Forward finds that for her, as with Kaminsky, Trump conjures up images of Germany in the 1930s:
Since his campaign has taken off, Trump has spent a good deal of energy playing dumb when it comes to the overwhelming nature of the support for his candidacy from white nationalists and neo-Nazis. Worse than Trump’s willful blindness is the rhetoric he uses to stoke racial unrest with a slogan—“Make America Great Again”—reminiscent of the Nazi Party of the 1930s.

Why Won't Trump Stand Up to His Anti-Semitic Fans, October 6, 2015

Finally, at the most hyperbolic end of the spectrum: Donald Perlstein's article Donald Trump, American hustler: The frightening fascist tendencies of his GOP rise, originally posted at the Washington Spectator but deemed so important that it was re-posted by Salon [October 7, 2015].

Perlstein's intellectual roots can be seen in his quoting Philip Rahv, "a founding editor of the marquee intellectual journal Partisan Review." PR was the flagship journal of the New York Intellectuals, an influential Jewish intellectual movement that was an early proponent of the idea that American democracy required a commitment, as Sidney Hook phrased it, to "a maximum of cultural [and ethnic] diversity.” This is a good example of Jewish intellectuals promoting the transcendent value of ethnic and cultural diversity as far more important than any material interests of the United States, much less the ethnic interests of White Americans.

(Likewise, Evan Osnos [Email him] in his New Yorker article on Trump and the White nationalists which was mentioned above, cites another famous New York Intellectual who pathologized legitimate White interests: "The crude tribalism that Richard Hofstadter named “the paranoid style”—and, over the summer, it replicated like a runaway mutation." Note how Jewish media figures can easily and confidently plug into Jewish intellectual traditions that are fundamentally hostile to the legitimate interests of the traditional American majority.)

Perlstein all but accuses Trump of being the second coming of Hitler:

Donald Trump is not a fascist––probably.

His ex-wife Ivana once claimed he kept a volume of Hitler’s collected speeches in a cabinet by his bed, and read from time to time the fuhrer’s vision of human life as a pitiless war of all against all. “If I had these speeches, and I am not saying that I do, I would never read them,” he told Vanity Fair in 1990. But consider something the architect of Trump Tower, Der Scutt, once said on how to evaluate the truth value of Donald Trump claims: “divide by two, then divide by four, and you’re closer to the answer.”

Again, the crux of the issue is Trump's immigration plan:
Trump has now provided more “specifics” about his immigration plan: a forced population transfer greater than any attempted in history, greater than the French and Spanish expulsions of the Jews in 1308 and 1492; greater than the Nabka of approximately 700,000 Palestinian Arabs from British-mandate Palestine; greater than the 1.5 million Stalin consigned to Siberia and the Central Asian republics; greater than Pol Pot’s exile of 2.5 million city-dwellers to the Cambodian countryside, or the scattering of Turkey’s Assyrian Christians, which the scholar Mordechai Zaken says numbers in the millions and required 180 years to complete. Trump has promised to move 12 million Mexicans in under two years––“so fast your head will spin.”
Interestingly, Perlstein omits the expulsion of 12 million Germans from Eastern Europe after World War II—by some estimates, the same as the number of illegals in the US now. I suspect that Perlstein sees the German expulsions as just fine even if they resulted minimally in the deaths of hundreds of thousands. No need complicate his simple narrative of moral righteousness with the horror of what actually happened to German civilians during and after the war. In fact, I don't recall any Jews or Jewish organizations complaining about these expulsions.

Other signs of incipient American fascism noted by Perlstein:

Last fall, the Public Religion Research Institute found that a majority of whites believe “discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities.”
Link in original. But shouldn't Perlstein at least link to a discussion of why this belief is wrongheaded, given the hostile attitudes towards Whites pursuing their legitimate interests that are so apparent among the Donald Perlsteins of the world?


A brand new Washington Post/ABC poll finds 57 percent of Republicans support the most massive ethnic cleansing in the annals of humanity (or, what The Washington Post blandly calls “Trump’s tough positions on immigration”).
Actually, not just “Republicans” but most Americans support Trump's immigration plan. But for Perlstein, Trump and most Americans are incipient fascists for wanting an immigration policy that serves their interests.

Personally, I doubt that Donald Trump would actually attempt, much less succeed, in rolling back the last 50 years. I see these expressions of Jewish angst more as a sign of Jewish political neurosis than anything rooted in reality. These writers and political operatives have an incredibly low threshold for denouncing incipient fascism. But make no mistake, this political neurosis is having and will continue to have very real effects on the 2016 race.

We can only imagine the deluge of propaganda if Trump is seen as having a real chance of winning. By comparison, the 1964 ads predicting nuclear Armageddon if Barry Goldwater was elected will be small potatoes.

Kevin MacDonald [email him] is professor of psychology at California State University–Long Beach. His research has focused on developing evolutionary perspectives in developmental psychology, personality theory, Western culture, and ethnic relations (group evolutionary strategies). He edits and is a frequent contributor to The Occidental Observer and The Occidental Quarterly. For his website, click here.


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