Protester With Mexican Flag To Young White Couple: "F— You! F—Your Kids!"
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At the end of the NPI video where a few attenders displayed "juvenile bravado"' there's a clip of the kind of planned—and MSM supported—harassment that explains why people who've been harassed for years may be driven to outbursts.

The clip, which may not be from the NPI protests, but from an ordinary Trump rally shows this man, proudly holding up a Mexican flag shouts at a young white couple with two kids. fyoumexicanflang

If the clip below doesn't start at 29m 22 seconds, click here or scroll to that point.

That's this couple.

What that man is yelling is "F—you! F—your family!"

The family includes children who are perhaps three and one.

I'm sure President-Elect Trump would agree with me that those children are the future of America.

Hillary—and various NeverTrumpers and neoconservatives—wanted to make the man with the flag the future of America. Now, that's not going to happen.

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