Time For A National Conversation About MSM Incitement Of Violence Against Trump, The GOP...And You
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This was inevitable. As of this writing, Congressman Steve Scalise remains in critical condition after being shot by a fanatically anti-Trump, Bernie Sanders supporting white male.

Needless to say, after the Main Stream Media has spent months screaming Republicans are literal traitors in service to a foreign power and that the President of the United States won office illegitimately in a “hacked election,” it’s not surprising elected officials are going to be attacked by Leftist partisans gaslit into shrieking hysteria.

Consider the New Normal:

What’s really remarkable is that there hasn’t been even more violence.

Yet this actually understates the malevolence of what is occurring. As the irreplaceable Vox Day put it in his classic book SJWs Always Lie, one of the rules of far-Left “Social Justice Warrior” behavior is that “SJWs Always Project.” It’s not just that the Left is encouraging violence while blaming conservatives. It’s that the Left is using this non-existent wave of supposed Right-wing violence to justify a sweeping crackdown on freedom of speech.

Just before Donald Trump’s election, we were told the Republican campaign had unleashed a wave of terror against racial minorities nationwide, including, most spectacularly, the burning of a black church, with the words “Vote Trump” triumphantly plastered on the ruins. This, of course, turned out to be fake.

After Donald Trump became President Trump, we were told of a wave of “hate crimes” nationwide allegedly inspired by the new Chief Executive. This became the rationale for a whole new round of MSM condemnations of the president for allegedly not “speaking up” to denounce the crimes which he, after all, had nothing to do with [Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Are Spiking In The U.S. Donald Trump Won’t Speak Up, by Carol Kuruvilla, Huffington Post, February 27, 2017].

Of course, many of these “crimes” were either nonexistent or not even crimes as all (such as putting up flyers which Communists find “hateful” or allegedly saying mean words) [Big Spike In ‘Hate Crimes?’ Not So Fast, by Leo Hohmann, WND, November 21, 2016]. Nonetheless, our money-grubbing friends at the Southern Poverty Law Center demanded President Trump “apologize” for allegedly unleashing this supposed spate of nonexistent crimes. [Trump ‘Must Apologize For Unleashing Hate Crimes,’ by Art Moore, WND, November 29, 2016]

This was taken to its most spectacular extreme when there was a wave of “anti-Semitic bomb threats” supposedly made against Jewish community centers nationwide. The MSM screamed Donald Trump was to blame and accused him of not doing enough to combat this dire threat, even after the president actually acknowledged it at the beginning of his first State of the Union [Trump notes anti-Semitic threats and vandalism in speech to Congress, by Ron Kampeas, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, February 28, 2017. However, it then emerged some of the threats had been made by Juan Thompson, a black journalist. And an Israeli-American dual citizen was eventually found to be responsible for the rest.

Yet incredibly, the story didn’t just disappear down the memory hole; the “wave of anti-Semitism” story continued on without any acknowledgement that many of the threats were simply invented out of whole cloth.

For example, in a recent story about anti-Semitic comments at a high school, Vice declared: “So far this year, 150 bomb threats have been leveled at Jewish institutions in North America and several Jewish cemeteries have been vandalized, among other hate-fueled incidents”. [The Disturbing Spike in Anti-Semitism at Northern California Schools, by Max Cherney, May 25, 2017]

Similarly, your tax dollars funded a gushing interview on NPR with Heidi Beirich decrying the “almost 900 hate and bias incidents between the election and 10 days later”—with no mention of the fact that many of the tales being circulated by the MSM are as real as the UVA Rolling Stone Rape Hoax [SPLC Has Seen Rise In Hate Crime, Domestic Terrorism Attacks, NPR, May 27, 2017].

All of this is reminiscent of how the Black Lives Matter movement continued to use the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” gesture that came out of Ferguson, Missouri, even after it was determined the late Michael Brown attacked Officer Darren Wilson, rather than meekly surrendering as the lying journalists had wanted us to believe.

Even when the lie has been definitively disproven, it still lives on and is referenced by journalists as common wisdom.

Meanwhile, the truth is pathologized. Revealingly, journalists and progressive activists are especially angry at Donald Trump not because of any policy decision he has made, but because he has emboldened normal Americans to speak their minds on issues surrounding race, immigration and Islamic terrorism.

The campaign against Trump and his supporters should be seen, not so much as an effort to drive out a political figure, but to restore the hegemony of the MSM over the Narrative, returning to Establishment journalists the power to determine who does and does not have the right to be heard.

Even figures once useful to the Left, such as Megyn Kelly, are now being savagely attacked by journalists for supposedly “normalizing” alternative media personalities like Alex Jones of Infowars [Advertisers withdrawing from Megyn Kelly’s show due to Alex Jones interview, by Brian Stelter, CNN, June 14, 2017]. Her career is now being targeted.

As shown by the purge of Katie McHugh, Breitbart has been successfully cowed by effort to pressure their advertisers.

Similarly, at least part of journalists’ hostility to Russia isn’t simply ethnic hatred, but by their fear that Russia’s media outlets are competitive threat, more open as they are to alternative points of view than websites and newspapers in the so-called “Free World.”

Aside from wild claims about Russia, the main argument journalists use to attack dissident organizations is accusing them of “hate speech” which leads, inevitably, to “hate crimes.” For example, CNN ran an article bemoaning the rise of “hate crimes,” especially by “mission-offenders [defined as “rare but often lethal hardcore hatemongers”] [who]… visit websites steeped in hate speech” [The four reasons people commit hate crimes, by Daniel Burke, June 12, 2017]. “Many hate-crime offenders believe that society supports their violent prejudices,” author Burke complains. “The Internet, with its hives of hate groups, has fed that feeling, especially with the ascendency of the alt-right during the 2016 presidential election.”

But it’s not the “alt-right” driving violence. It’s the “alt-right” which is having violence inflicted upon it—especially as the MSM’s definition of the “alt-right” is so expansive it includes practically every supporter of the President of the United States.

And if we accept the MSM’s premise that “hate crimes” are increasing because Donald Trump emboldened ordinary Americans to openly state what they consider “hate speech,” then what do we make of today’s violence? Unlike the Alt Right,” Leftist journalists enjoy staggering resources, all but unlimited reach, and the ability to popularize entire Narratives even when there is absolutely no evidence to support their claims.

Thus for months now, they have portrayed the President as a Manchurian Candidate, his supporters as Nazis, and members of his party as collaborators. What’s more, academics and journalists are increasingly blunt about declaring their open racial hatred against whites and telling non-whites that all whites are “racist,” and thus subject to justified violence.

Media-sanctioned hate speech has already led to the murder of European-Americans; now, it has struck down a Congressman. And many journalists and activists don’t even have the decency to keep from celebrating [Left-Wing Twitter Celebrates Shooting Of Rep. Scalise, Grabien News, June 14, 2017].

By their own standards, the Leftist media stands condemned. It is responsible for the violence today, violence it continues to cultivate. And as the situation in this country continues to spiral out of control, it will be the “mainstream,” “moderate” journalists who will bear the most responsibility for the blood that will be shed.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

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