Roll Over Taliban! Another Donor-Advised Fund Falls To Communists
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I got this email on Monday:

Peter, This is Tyler O’Neil, formerly at PJ Media and now at Fox News. I’m working on a story about Innovia cutting off funding for VDARE. The CEO of Innovia is a former Republican official, and she says cutting off funding for the VDARE foundation had nothing to do with the SPLC. She claims VDARE fits her organization’s definition of hate by inciting violence or defaming people.

O’Neil [Tweet him] provided a link to this column by Spokane JournoFa Shawn Vestal [Email him]: Shawn Vestal: A year later, Innovia foundation says it’s closed the pipeline to hate groups,, August 8, 2021

I responded:

Congratulations on moving to Fox. Say hello to Rupert [Murdoch] for me. 

Innovia acts as a Donor-Advised Fund [an institution managing charitable donations on behalf of clients] and in recent years Woke bureaucrats working for DAFs have become increasingly likely to ignore the wishes of the actual donors. It’s even happened to Conservativism Inc. operations e.g. Young America’s Foundation…

It’s just part of the slow-motion communist coup that’s going on in America. These people will put us in Gulags if they can.

I presume it’s no surprise to you that many Republicans are useless cucks. Wouldn’t be surprised if this O’Quinn woman supported Jeb Bush.

Of course we’ve never incited violence or defamed anyone. Does she think we’re AntiFa?

Shelly O’QuinnBut these Leftist vigilante groups aren’t acting in good faith, they just want the immigration debate shut down so they can finish Electing A New People. And cowards like [Innovia CEO Shelly] O’Quinn enable them.

It’s stupid of her to claim the $PLC had nothing to with the decision when the column you sent specifically says that [former foundation CEO Mark] Hurtubise used $PLC material in his campaign against us.

Also, what does this mean:

“We requested that a third party evaluate the organization and the comprehensive review found that the organization’s activities violated the Innovia anti-hate policy. “

This isn’t about us [Emphasis added, see below]but O’Quinn here is actually boasting about taking direction from Leftist vigilante groups. has always done and still does nothing more than advocate the positions that Trump adopted in his great August 15, 2015 position paper.

Trump carried Spokane County in 2016 and 2020.  Unfortunately, that’s not reflected in its main newspaper, let alone by this thug Vestal. But you can see why they’re scared. [Links added]

O’Neill’s article ran on Fox News on  August 9: Cutting 'hate' out of philanthropy isn't about silencing conservatives, charity says. It contained truncated quotes from me, but, in the usual churlish Regime Media style, no link to, although he did link to his previous employer, PJ Media.

However, I was gratified to see that the Fox News comment thread on the article was overwhelming scathing about the Southern Poverty Law Center and O’Quinn[Email her]

Back in January 2020, O’Neil penned a fairly careful account in PJ Media of our defamation lawsuit against the New York Times, albeit marred by the usual cuckery (which is probably why Fox News felt safe hiring him).

But unfortunately, in his scalping of Vestal’s Spokesman-Review column, O’Neil introduced the error that our donor was scared off when O’Quinn told him, presumably citing her “third party” reviewer, that was evil. As I had said in my reply to O’Neil, this was in fact clearly referring to another case. Apart from anything else, O’Quinn apparently told the donor that we were a “potential hate group,” whereas we have proudly been an SPLC-certified actual Hate Group since 2004.

And our donor, bless his patriot heart, has simply channeled his donations via another DAF.

I’ve pointed this out to O’Neil, but instead of contacting O’Quinn for a confirmation or denial, he merely added a line that we “claimed” our donor had switched to another DAF. I was a young journalist long ago, and I presume he just doesn’t want to admit to his editors that he made a mistake.

O’Neil did write a book bravely debunking the Southern Poverty Law Center: Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Good for him, although it suffers from the usual cuckservative illusion that the SPLC was ever something more than a scam.

The SPLC, a sound-a-like to the SCLC (MLK’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference, founded 1957) wasn’t even founded until 1971, when the “Civil Rights Movement” had achieved all of its major legislative goals. See No, Virginia (Dare) The SPLC Was NEVER A "Civil Rights Stalwart"—It Was ALWAYS A “Dangerous Joke”, by James Fulford, July 16, 2017.

And at least, in this case, O’Neil asked me for a comment—something journalists decreasingly do in the Age of Google.

The important point: In this totalitarian age, Donor Advised Funds can’t be trusted. You can’t be too careful. I urge everyone to read to read Lydia’s warning:

It has become clear that this mode of giving is dangerously unreliable for donors intending to give to patriot causes.

Patriots Beware! Corporate Cultural Marxists Invade Donor Advised Funds, May 1, 2019

And as always, the best thing to do is to donate directly to—the safest way is by check—through our Donate page here.

Peter Brimelow [Email him] is the editor of His best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, is now available in Kindle format.


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