Antifa Shutting Down Portland's Parade Of Roses Because REPUBLICANS Were Marching
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Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent reports on a planned attack on the Portland Parade Of Roses:
The antifas are have really outdone themselves this time:
“We will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push those people out as we will not give one inch to groups who espouse hatred toward lgbt, immigrants, people of color or others. In case the message was not clear to you this is a sanctuary city and state and we will not allow these people to spread their views in East Portland. You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely.”
This is from the antifa Facebook event page:
“Fascists plan to march through the streets of Portland in the Avenue of Roses Parade on 82nd.

The fascists know that we’ll keep shutting their marches down, they are now planning to march within other parades to protect their message of hate and white supremacy – it WON’T work. Nazis will not march through Portland.

The group we’re disrupting is #67.

It is registered to the Multnomah County Republicans, but these infiltrators are the same folks from Lake Oswego, Salem, Vancouver, and even Berkeley. These are the folks that attacked a woman at PDX, they harassed Latinx parishioners with slurs and threats at a local church, they spew hate, threaten and curse young women at women’s health clinics. They seek to intimidate and harass our Latinx, Muslim and LGBTQ+ neighbors and friends. Their Trump flags, their red MAGA hats and their hate group badges are all intended to normalize support for an orange man who bragged about sexually harassing women and who is waging a war of hate, racism and prejudice against our Muslim, Latinx, Black and Native neighbors.[More]

Actually, they're not talking about anyone on the Dissident Right (us, Jared Taylor, Hunter Wallace, Nathan Damigo) they're talking about ordinary Multnomah County Republicans, representing the half of America that voted for Trump. And the Multnomah GOP and the Parade Committee both  caved—at least partly due to refusal of local authorities to protect them:
Organizers pulled out after contacting Portland police, according to Rich Jarvis, spokesman for the Rose Festival Foundation. When police said they couldn’t offer any additional security for the parade, organizers decided to cancel it due to safety concerns. …”

A reminder that Ann Coulter, whose own speech at Berkeley had to be cancelled because of the refusal of the authorities to protect her, predicted a lot of this in her 2012  book  Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America.

That book referenced a 1896 book by Gustave Le Bon called The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind.

You can  read the Le Bon book online for free in HTML at the University of Virginia, and in PDF courtesy of McMaster University in Canada, and in EPUB and Kindle formats from Project Gutenberg.

The French Revolutionary mobs Le Bon was talking about were monocultural–in those days, France was occupied entirely by the French.

Many of the Antifa mobs are as white as their mostly white victims—but there are serious race riots coming, if the government doesn't protect the public.


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