Get Ready For Journos To Deny Upcoming Victory In Brazil
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A new poll shows Jair Bolsonaro maintaining his lead in the upcoming Brazilian election, garnering 58 percent of voters compared to Workers' Party candidate Fernando Haddad [Bolsonaro Keeps Grip on Lead in Brazil runoff, Poll Saysby Simone Preissler Iglesias, Bloomberg, October 22, 2018]. Unless something utterly unprecedented occurs, it seems that Bolsonaro will win a decisive victory in the upcoming election, to the horror of the international media [Bolsonaro's pledge to return Brazil to past alarms survivors of dictatorshipby Lucinda Elliott, The Guardian, October 22, 2018].

Even more than the election of Donald Trump, the election of Jair Bolsonaro is a direct threat to the assumptions of the Journalist Class about America's future. After all, once America becomes a Third World country, it is supposed to be the end of the right wing. Brazil is usually spoken of by immigration patriots as the nightmare scenario, the case we are trying to avoid at all costs. Nonetheless, it now looks like a leader far, far to the right of Trump himself will soon assume power. 

Therefore, journalists are quickly creating a Narrative to delegitimize the victory by blaming it on, what else, "fake news." American journalists are already urging action against the social networking site Gab because it is widely used by Bolsonaro's supporters. However, they are also urging a censorship of WhatsApp because it is allowing Brazilians to directly share news. 

Journalists clearly regard themselves as something akin to a clerical class, with the sole power to determine what people are allowed to read, see, and think. Look for increased demands for censorship in America if Bolsonaro wins because reporters will tell us we need to "keep this from happening here." 

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