Let’s Have Immigrant Diversity in the Main Stream Media!
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Amnesty is in the air again, and the Main Stream Media is doing its traditional job as the propaganda agency for the Open Borders gang seeking to replace the historic American nation.

And why shouldn’t the princely press preach the dogma of diversity to the little citizens? It’s uniquely positioned to regurgitate the ideology of Leftist elites—because journalists face almost no threat that their jobs will be pinched by immigrants.

For a profession that prides itself on defending the rights of the little guy, the MSM focus on foreigners’ well-being rather than citizens’ is odd to say the least. Plus, the press denizens never connect the dots between crushing unemployment and the continuing influx of millions of foreign workers. Lazy, no?

Of course, on the practical side, upper middle class editors doubtless appreciate the cheap household help.

For example, the construction industry has been overwhelmed in many regions by illegal alien workers. What was once a middle-class occupation for citizens has been taken over by foreigners willing to work for low wages.

But stories about the hardship inflicted on Americans by Open Borders run only in citizen-friendly websites like VDARE.com.

To the liberal MSM, sob stories about illegal aliens are far more appealing, particularly when including photos of adorable doe-eyed kiddies.

In contrast, readers never see sad American children whose parents have been displaced from jobs.

The MSM is on board for the cultish fixation on victimhood. Illegal aliens from the Third World fulfill the Marxist cliché of an oppressive America stomping out the aspirations of poor people.

No mention that billions of people from across the planet would flock to this racist hellhole if only they were able.

But while the MSM enthusiastically preaches diversity for others, it does not recommend or practice diverse immigration for its own newsrooms. 

When the CEOs of other industries like tech and medicine decide they want a batch of cheaper employees, they inform Congress that they need more foreigners to fill those jobs. Congress invariably hastens to comply, by creating a visa category like H-1b for information technology, or H-1c for nurses.

However, there has been no hue and cry from to open the scribbler/ gabbler field up to foreigners. Media organizations practice diversity almost entirely by having a token number of blacks, Asians and Hispanics on staff.

My modest proposal: the media profession would benefit from a stream of immigrant workers eagerly taking the jobs now held by Americans. Journalists would then experience the insecurity and unemployment they wish upon others less privileged.

Can we imagine for a moment if the thousands of foreigners crossing the border daily were not just tomato pickers and gardeners, but instead included skilled reporters and editors?

The average newsroom scribblers would then have skin in the game, and might sympathize with other Americans in the same sinking boat.

Journalists are a uniquely protected class—possibly because elite publishers supporting the Open Borders project to dismantle American values and culture need the troops to support the policy agenda.

The news industry is shrinking generally, as a result of whole newspapers closing down; and staffs being cut drastically in many of those remaining. One study put the number of daily newsroom jobs lost between 2000 and 2010 at 14,000.[The Newsonomics of journalist headcounts,  By Ken Doctor,  Nieman Journalism Lab,  November 11, 2010]

That’s a lot, given that the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated in 2010 that the larger news and broadcast correspondents category numbered 58,500. Another recent indicator: Al Jazeera received 18,000 resumes for 170 slots at its new US outfit (purchased from previous owner Al Gore).

But at least reporters don’t have to worry about college-educated foreigners working for peanuts and snagging their jobs.

Of course, there are a few non-American reporters right now. One of the best known: Jose Vargas, the loudmouth gay illegal alien from the Philippines who has broadcast his status all around the MSM landscape, knowing the Obama Administration would not arrest and deport him.

Vargas got a degree from San Francisco State University and worked at the Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle. So he has taken employment and a college slot that should have gone to young Americans. But he remains imbued with the entitlement ideology. When Vargas testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in February, he arrogantly referred to himself as an “American” and didn’t apologize for anything.

Another illegal immigrant working as a reporter: Mario Guevara, who slipped in on a tourist visa and then claimed he needed asylum from meanies back in El Salvador. He was turned down for asylum and was ordered deported, but his articles are still appearing in Mundo Hispanico, a Spanish-language rag in Atlanta.

The chubby reporter’s sense of entitlement is revealed in this assertion:

I don’t see going to El Salvador as an option. Here in this country, I have found everything I need.[Immigration reporter mulls fate after denial of asylum request, CNN, July 7, 2012]

What he needs? What about what Americans need?

Journalists are fairly influential persons within the non-celebrity universe. They can mold coverage to suit the anti-sovereignty agenda by focusing on emotional stories of family separations without mentioning that the lawbreaking foreigner himself is responsible for creating a bad situation for the kids.

They can influence public opinion by ignoring that a majority of citizens want their immigration laws enforced. They often rely on squirrelly polls that don’t show how Americans want illegal aliens sent home. They can avoid mentioning the illegal alien identity of a violent criminal until late in a story (if at all), so that curious readers must search the internet to check on the perp’s status.

These biases are bad habits that result from this special group being protected from the immigration onslaught that is overwhelming many Americans today.

But imagine the horror in newsrooms all across America if some clever member of Congress submitted a bill to create a journalist visa to help celebrate diversity in the nation.

Empathy for Americans might result—even in the hearts of the snottiest liberal hacks.

Brenda Walker lives in northern California and blogs about immigration and culture in LimitsToGrowth.org.

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