Kosher At Last: FAIR Breaks Taboo, Protests Big Donor Corruption Of GOP Leaders
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Zuckerberg,Koch, Adelson: Billionaires for Open Borders. H/T Mother Jones

With Main Stream Media cheerleading for the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge legislation back to the heights of a year ago, and with another Boehner betrayal being widely expected, an important and encouraging development has occurred. FAIR (the Federation For American Immigration Reform), the wealthiest and least effective Inside-The-Beltway Immigration restraint outfit, has broken ranks and denounced the influence of Treason Lobby Plutocrats on the GOP Leadership. This topic had previously been mysteriously taboo.

Ira Mehlmans’ essay Will House Republicans Follow the Money or Their Consciences on Immigration in 2014? Jan 05 2014 is a fine statement of the ugly reality

“Follow the money.” It’s still the surest way to trace the roots of a political disaster: Watergate, the S&L crisis, the mortgage meltdown, Obamacare, and just about every other avoidable mess that has shaken this nation over the past half century.

It will also be the surest way to trace the next political disaster if John Boehner and his inner circle of House Republican leaders decide to force through a package of immigration bills that include amnesty for illegal aliens, and massive increases in future immigration. The primary reason why Boehner and company might move on immigration in 2014 – perhaps the only reason – is money: lots and lots of it.

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Mehlman truly understands what the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill will do to Americans and his emphasis on the Surge aspect is wise:

Vastly expanding access to new foreign workers at a time when more than 20 million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed, and millions more find themselves downwardly mobile, would pound the final nail in the coffin of our once robust middle class.

He notes

…that sort of immigration “reform” is exactly what business interests in the United States are demanding…Having invested heavily in winning approval by the Senate for S.744, the so-called Gang of Eight bill, these interests are likely to spare no expense to get the House to follow suit.

Mehlman prudently emphasizes the iniquitous role of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, saying they are

Asserting de facto ownership of the party

but in a subsequent sentence discreetly indicates he knows the true situation

The Chamber’s $50 million budget to steamroll politicians who try to stand in their way could be matched or exceeded by Mark Zuckerberg

The reality is that a series of recent pieces of judicial legislation have let loose America’s ultra-wealthy, a process well set out in Billionaires Now Own American Politics By Andy Kroll Mother Jones Monday May 20, 2013:

More than ever, a serious Senate or White House bid is dependent not on climbing the party ranks, but on winning the support of a few wealthy bankrollers. In fact, it's no longer an exaggeration to say that while the political parties still officially pick the candidates for office, the power increasingly lies with the elites of the political donor class.

All three of the billionaires in the MJ photograph (used above) are known Amnesty supporters, a point which the MJ essay misses. Democratic Megadonors pull their party leftwards: but GOP Megadonors veto Immigration Patriotism. has been very concerned about the influence of Treason Lobby billionaires since it became apparent that the 2012 Newt Gingrich campaign was simply a vehicle for Sheldon Adelson’s idiosyncratic whims. We quickly realized Big Donor influence was wrecking the Romney campaign and raised the alarm after the election when Adelson went public as an Amnesty supporter: see Sheldon Adelson Buying Amnesty From GOP Establishment


Is Cash Avalanche Sweeping GOP Into Amnesty Acquiescence?


Sheldon Adelson Buying National Republican Congressional Committee

When the crudely selfish Mark Zuckerberg began pouring out funds, we tracked his lying ads as quickly as we could. And we have highlighted obvious cases of plutocrat money talking in Congress, not just over immigration policy.

Until now, the Establishment Immigration Restraint operations have said virtually nothing on this crucial subject—even though impugning an opponent’s funding sources is a traditional and perfectly legitimate stratagem in political conflict.

Fear of being accused of anti-semitism may well have played a role. Although what we call the Slave Power or the Cheap Labor Lobby is an important part of the Amnesty effort, as Mehlman rightly says, the embarrasing fact is that, despite some notable exceptions, the Mega Donors have tended to be Jewish.

Mehlman concludes with a stirring call to arms:

A sizeable number of Senate Republicans have…opted to take the cash…

Now it is up to the rest of the House Republican caucus to decide if they will follow the money or follow their consciences. In siding with struggling American workers and taxpayers they risk alienating some very big campaign donors. But the alternative is nothing less than acquiescing to the demise of the middle class in America – an avoidable political, social and economic disaster from which this country is unlikely to ever recover.

He is quite right and should be congratulated.

He is speaking Truth to Power.
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