Rubio Swings Left, Supports Amnesty, Open Borders - Wall Street Journal Cheers
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Rubio: "Sir, that's impoverished STEM graduates with your manual worker slave order?"

Predictably, Marco Rubio has returned to his scripted role of Amnesty waiter to the GOP Establishment/Slave Power table by serving up another capitulation proposal, predictably cheered on by the Wall Street Journal Marco Rubio: Riding to the Immigration Rescue By Matthew Kaminski January 11, 2013

Significantly in a plan which envisages

The number and type of visas provided through a guest-worker program would have to be sufficient…He'd look to increase the number of visas for permanent or seasonal farm workers
there is no mention of the crucial Birthright Citizenship/Anchor Baby issue. Particularly since nowadays many “guests” are likely to be women, without it such a program will simply be a huge and tempting loophole to long term immigration.

This is an acid test: not offering this incentive for Patriotic support indicates that Rubio is primarily concerned with co operating with those who seek the political transformation of America from mass immigration rather than economic effects.

It may also indicate that Rubio is ignorant and his Staff unintelligent. In the interview he mouths a number of primitive, repeatedly refuted Open Border myths:

From Georgia to Washington state in recent seasons, unpicked fruits and vegetables have rotted in the fields.
(See Crop Rot Fever, Seasonal Edition)

And, unforgivably in these terrible graduate unemployment times

...the U.S. doesn't produce enough science, math and engineering graduates to fill the open posts in high-tech.
which is simply rubbish.

With this interview, Rubio has moved considerably to the Left and deep into the Treason Lobby camp. He explicitly rejects the idea of reducing unskilled immigration as a trade off for more High Tech visas and surrenders the standard negotiating position:

Unlike many Republicans, Mr. Rubio doesn't say that improved enforcement is a precondition for immigration reform.
There is some mumbling about E-Verify and “gaining more operational control” over the border but, conspicuously, no direct mention of the Border Fence, about which, of course, the recent big news is that the Israelis have proved that they work.

The money quote:

“…immigration reform…would, by his argument, ensure that fewer people will need or want to risk an arduous border crossing.
In other words, end illegal immigration by making it all legal.

Rubio stipulates only serious criminals would be excluded from his Amnesty

“…most of them would get legal status and be allowed to stay…”
No doubt this contemptible performance will win Rubio lucrative tips from Republican Establishment which seems to be, as Rush Limbaugh has said, "hell-bent" on Amnesty. And of course it will appeal to Sheldon Adelson.

Amongst some very incisive comments is one from Lance Sjogren

The one issue where the Republican Party's stance is closely aligned with the views of the public, immigration, is the one issue they want to reverse themselves on and become the same as left wing Democrats.

They don't call it the Stupid Party for nothing.

(Quite a few of the comment posters are querying the facts. This would be a good time for friends to post some links to us. Let us know how you fare!)
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