FOURTH Zuckerberg Amnesty Ad! (Packed With Lies, As Usual.)
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H/T One Old Vet

Our Talk Radio Correspondent has just supplied-

Fourth Zuckerberg Ad - heard for the first time on the Rush Limbaugh Show, June 11, 2013

[Wind noise]

[Man’s Voice] There’s nothing wrong with your radio. This is the sound of borders, left unsecured. Of laws, left unenforced. It’s the sound of thousands of new border agents not going to work. And of the broken immigration system we have right here and now that’s making it all worse.

[Woman’s Voice with background music] America can’t afford to keep the same, broken immigration system that created this mess. It’s time to support serious, conservative reforms from leaders like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. This is our chance. Secure our borders first. Period! And illegal immigrants must learn English, pay fines, and then go to the back of the line. Sound off. Tell Congress doing nothing doesn’t work. Stand with conservatives. Secure our borders now. Fix America’s immigration mess.

[Man’s Voice] Paid for by Americans for a Conservative Direction.

He comments-

This is the most dishonest of the four Zuckerberg ads because the policies it demands aren't in the bill that it supports. The ad demands secured borders three times ("Period!"), yet there's nothing in the Schumer/Rubio/Ryan bill that secures the borders. Indeed, Rubio just told his people in Spanish that legalization comes first, before any increased enforcement. He lied repeatedly when he claimed the borders would be secured and secured first on the Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin talk shows. Even immigration enthusiast Hugh Hewitt has called out the 8 Gangsters for offering no border security. Likewise, there's nothing in the amnesty bill that requires illegal aliens to "learn English", "pay fines", or to "go to the back of the line", although Rubio, Ryan and now Ayotte have lied and continue to lie about these missing requirements. Finally, nothing in the bill requires the Obama Administration or any future RINO administration to enforce the immigration laws or conditions amnesty and mass legal immigration on enforcement of the immigration laws.

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 Four Ads in barely a month, and saturation airing of them! Zuckerberg is certainly motivated.

The difference between this Amnesty campaign and those of the Bush years is the huge volumes of money being put in - an issue all by itself which no one except seems willing to point out.

The One Old Vet link at the top goes to 'First Comes the Legalization': Rubio Contradicts Tough-Talking Immigration Ads by A.J. Delgado 10 Jun 2013

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