More Billionaires For Open Borders Surface
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H/T One Old Vet

Breitbart’s caustic story Koch Sponsors Pro-Amnesty BuzzFeed Event by Lee Stranahan 10 May 2013 has rightly got a lot of attention, partly for its accurate depiction of the panel’s extreme bias:

…five of the invitees are strongly in favor of the comprehensive immigration reform/amnesty package being put forward by the "Gang of Eight" in Congress. Only one guest—from The Heritage Foundation—has been critical of the proposed immigration reform package. Additionally, an illegal immigrant who is an award-winning journalist will be assisting in broadcasting the event

Derrick Morgan, the Heritage man, is I note also the only European-American. It figures.

Much of the consternation stems from the fact the Left, motivated as it is by hatred, has been ridiculously demonizing the Koch brothers for several years for having the temerity to be anti-socialist. This development makes them look foolish.

But in fact, as David Weigel had noted the previous day

…as a veteran of the Koch-funded Reason magazine, I can report that the libertarian brothers have always put their money behind immigration reform.

The Terrifying Koch Brothers Sponsor a Boozy Pro-Immigration Reform Panel Slate Thursday May 9, 2013 has long denounced Reason for fanatical Open Borderism: in recent years it has been increasingly motivated by anti white American animus. No doubt the Kochs do not go into their own kitchen.

But in fact this is a step-up of activity and is an important development illustrating, like Sheldon Adelson’s march through Georgia, the central fact of the Immigration War of 2013: the Treason Lobby is riding on a cash avalanche.

In a pleasant variation, the Koch bothers though billionaires are not Jewish – unlike Adelson, Mark Zuckerberg, Paul Singer, Michael Bloomberg, Michael Moritz, and I am confident we will eventually discover many, many more.

Nonetheless they are a deadly threat to the American Nation.

H/T One Old Vet  


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