Zuckerberg Lobbying Wins Facebook Massive H1-B Loophole
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Mark Zuckerberg: "Care about Americans? You're joking, right?

Nice things happen fast if you are Mark Zuckerberg. As Steve Sailer noted in Mark Zuckerberg’s Cheap Labor Lobby, two weeks ago he formed a pro immigration pressure group, last week he got to propagandize in the Washington Post and this week – Pay Dirt!

…behind the scenes on Capitol Hill, Facebook lobbyists were… pressing to insert a few new words helpful to Facebook’s business interests into a sprawling legislative proposal.

The payoff on the immigration provision could be substantial, allowing Facebook and other technology companies to avoid a requirement that they make a “good-faith” effort to recruit Americans for jobs before hiring from overseas. Facebook could also sidestep proposed rules that would force it to pay much higher wages to many foreign workers.

…the company recently surpassed a key legal threshold and is now considered to be “dependent” on H1B visas. The U.S. government classifies companies as dependent when more than 15 percent of their workers hold H1Bs….

Facebook flexes political muscle with provision in immigration bill By Peter Wallsten, Jia Lynn Yang and Craig Timberg, The Washington Post April 16 2013 (VDARE.com emphasis)

Professional Lobbyists are impressed:

Bruce Morrison, a lobbyist for U.S. electrical engineers, said the Facebook provision creates a substantial loophole. The measure requires only that green-card applications be at least “pending”… “All you have to do is file a piece of paper, which doesn’t even have to be approved or approvable.”

I have been told that a National Security Council staffer addressing High Schoolers recently on security issues and Facebook kept repeating “Mark Zuckerberg is not your friend”. Clearly this should be the view of all Americans who do not want to experience a reversion to serfdom.

More generally this story makes clear why the Gang of 8 is wanted to avoid exposing their treason to the public. The measure – which clearly does exist – will be riddled with selfish privileges lavishly paid for.


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