John Derbyshire: Roseanne Barr vs. The Mulatto Mafia
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White privilege, black privilege, you can argue those terms back and forth all day long. I'll give you my take on those precise terms some other time. What, it seems plain to me, exists in plain sight beyond any trace of doubt, is mulatto privilege.

If you're just a little bit black — I think one-eighth is about the sweet spot — and your family is upper-middle-class or better, you've got it made. You get a good start in good schools (which is to say, schools with lots of upper-middle-class white, Jewish, and Asian students), then you get to float effortlessly upwards on the warm drafts of liberal guilt and affirmative action.

Hence the phenomenon of the Mulatto Mafia that was so prominent in the Obama administration. There was Obama himself, of course, and Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, … you know the cast list. The Mulatto Mafia.

Our own Steve Sailer has written very perceptively about this —see here. Quote from Steve, writing at Taki's Magazine a year ago:

As Hillary's failure to motivate blacks in key Electoral College states to turn out suggests, the future increasingly belongs to the small number of individuals who can, Obama-like, scrape together some biological claim to blackness without being weighed down by African-American cultural traits. [Living Large No Longer, Takimag, April 5, 2017]

(This, of course, is why Steve titled his 2008 study of Obama America’s Half Blood Prince.)

These exotic part-blacks are awful prickly, though. You really don't want to offend them. They'd like you to know how oppressed they feel, what with having spent their childhoods picking cotton and being abused by overseers.

In point of actual fact they spent their childhoods attending tony private schools and expensive summer camps; but don't you dare say that.

That is one aspect of the fuss over Roseanne Barr this week. [Roseanne Attacks Ex-Obama Aide Valerie Jarrett: ‘Muslim Brotherhood & Planet of the Apes Had a Child’ |  Comedian uses racially charged joke about African American Obama adviser, by Jon Levine, The Wrap, May 29, 2018]  I say one aspect: there are plenty of angles you can come at this story from. This aspect — the class aspect — is under-reported, though, so it's my duty to bring it to you.

What Roseanne did, as I'm sure you know, is, she tweeted a rude comment about Valerie Jarrett, a quintessential member of the Mulatto Mafia. The actual tweet went, quote: "muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj".

That's kind of dumb and not very funny; but, as plenty of commentators from our side have been pointing out, Leftist comedians and commentators say worse things about our elected President every day of the week, and get applause for it.

Rosie got fired. Her show was dropped by ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey.

I'd never heard of this person Channing Dungey, so I googled her. Guess what: a mulatto.[ Who is Channing Dungey? Groundbreaking ABC exec pulls plug on "Roseanne", CBS News, May 29, 2018]

Can't load tweet Sorry, you are not authorized to see this status.

Upper-middle-class family? Can't find details, but the lady did attend Rio Americano High School in a very nice area of Sacramento. I see neighboring residential properties for sale at 3½ million, 725 thousand, 1.1 million.

I don't know how things were when Ms. Dungey graduated in 1986, but the current student body at Rio Americano is 66 percent white, 15 percent Hispanic, seven percent Asian, and five percent black, which no doubt includes part-black, slightly-black, and just-barely-black.

060613.jarrettSo with Ms. Jarrett (pictured right in 2006) as the offended party here, backed up by Ms. Dungey, I'm going to call mulatto privilege on this one.

In fact, coming like Roseanne out of the white working class, my position in this silly business is one of class solidarity. The Jarretts and Dungeys, the Rices and Holders, beneficiaries of comfortable upbringings and liberal white guilt favoritism, were twice privileged over grubby white proles like me and Roseanne.

And sure, I know: Roseanne is not any kind of beacon of hope for the Dissident Right. She's a showbiz airhead, with political opinions all over the place. I don't mind that. I actually prefer it to the lockstep ideological rigidity of university Cultural Marxists. For all her fog of political confusion, Roseanne has more of a clue than they do, as witness the success of the show that just got canceled.

So: Roseanne, honey, any time you're in Long Island, drop by and we'll have a drink. On me.

The machinations of the Mulatto Mafia — try saying that five times fast — offer an answer to the question Pat Buchanan posed as the title of his column last week: "Is America's Racial Divide Permanent?"

Pat wonders aloud why there is more "noise" about race nowadays — more news and commentary over petty things like the Roseanne story, the Starbucks story, the NFL players kneeling, and so on — why there is more of this nowadays than there was fifty years ago, when there was real, legalized racial injustice, and many thousands of Americans were alive whose parents had been slaves.

The answer to Pat's question is yes, we're stuck with the race business, at least pending some really dramatic advances in genetic engineering. This issue, this horrible curse of racial diversity, was baked into the U.S.A. from the start. We can't escape it; we can't get rid of it; we just have to manage it as best we can, as you manage an incurable but not necessarily fatal disease, in a proper republican spirit of common humanity and equality under law.

The really amazing thing about the modern world is that nations that never had racial diversity, that were never cursed with this dreadful blight, voluntarily imported it. Ancient established nations, their people united by common ancestry, religion, and culture, threw it all away and embraced the follies and horrors of multiculturalism.

The poster child for this mass collective folly is Britain.

Tommy's Robinson’s arrest and incarceration while filming outside the courthouse where yet another Muslim grooming scandal was being tried took place last Friday as I was already going to pixel with Radio Derb, so I come to this late. There's been masses of comment on it, from all angles. YouTube has some good pro-Tommy pieces if you have time to watch videos: I recommend Stefan MolyneuxBlack Pigeon, and Paul Weston. If text is your thing, Douglas Murray (author of The Strange Death of Europe)did what I thought was a good balanced piece at National Review. For an anti-Tommy argument from our side of the fence, I refer you to Greg Johnson at Counter-Currents.

I acknowledge some of the negative points made by Johnson and Murray. At last, though, looking at the big picture, I think Murray gets it right. His article is titled Tommy Robinson Drew Attention to ‘Grooming Gangs.’ Britain Has Persecuted Him. The ferocity that the authorities bring to bear on native British reaction to the problem, as illustrated by Tommy Robinson, makes a sad and depressing contrast to their utter lack of interest in dealing with the problem itself.

The name of the problem is not Tommy Robinson. The name of the problem is multiculturalism. America was born with it. We must cope with it, and our rent-seeking Mulatto Mafia, as best and humanely as we can.

The Brits brought it on themselves, in a gross act of collective folly. It's hard to feel much sympathy.


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