Indian CEO Virus Infects Federal Trade Commission—Does U.S. Really Need These People?
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Recently, the invaluable ZeroHedge posted Last Republican Federal Trade Commissioner Resigns, Slams Chair Over Abuse Of Power [February 15, 2023]. This synopsizes an extraordinary op-ed [Archive link] in the Wall Street Journal: Why I’m Resigning as an FTC Commissioner, by Christine Wilson, February 14 2023.

The 109-year-old Federal Trade Commission is a curious animal, with Commissioners explicitly appointed on Party alignment—Wilson was appointed by Trump in 2018—but, on the whole, operating collegially.

Christine Wilson’s complaint is that FTC chair Lina Khan [Tweet her / Email her] is abusing power and ”undermining the commission structure that Congress wrote into law.”

Wilson complains that Khan refused to recuse herself from consideration of a merger proposed by Meta (formerly Facebook). Prior to being appointed to the FTC, Khan had become famous by writing savagely hostile legal papers about Big Tech for various elite law reviews.

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Her CV at Columbia University, where she is an Associate Professor of Law, includes this list of them:

She could thus be assumed to be hostile to any merger. But she doesn’t hate Big Tech for the reasons patriots do, of course.

When she was appointed in 2021, Washington Watcher II wrote here on that

[L]ike all Leftists, Khan wants to go after Big Tech for not censoring enough. She has written about the plague of “disinformation and inflammatory content” on social media. She helped aid an investigation by the House antitrust subcommittee that alleged social media were bad because they allowed conservative news stories to go viral on its platforms [Democrat Led Antitrust Bills Are a Massive Gamble, by Allum Bokhari, Breitbart, June 17, 2021]. Khan has worked closely with Sandeep Vaheesan, another South Asian legal scholar, who argues that the FTC must be used as a “progressive secret weapon” that tackles “structural racism.” Khan has the power to act on that crazy recommendation [FTC Chair Lina Khan’s Co-Author: Use Antitrust to Address ‘Structural Racism,’ by Allum Bokhari, Breitbart, June 22, 2021].

In her WSJ Op-Ed, Walker adds

Spurning due-process considerations and federal ethics obligations, my Democratic colleagues on the commission affirmed Ms. Khan’s decision not to recuse herself.

Tellingly pointing out that

Hundreds of FTC employees respond annually to the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. In 2020, the last year under Trump appointees, 87% of surveyed FTC employees agreed that senior agency officials maintain high standards of honesty and integrity. Today that share stands at 49%.

Wilson ominously reports that

In November 2022, the commission issued an antitrust enforcement policy statement asserting that the FTC could ignore decades of court rulings and condemn essentially any business conduct that three unelected commissioners find distasteful…

Progressives tried but failed to enact a legislative moratorium on mergers in early 2020 and to pass other restrictions since. Ms. Khan now does so by fiat.

So who is this Lina Khan who appears to be demolishing a century-old American institution to set up an Oriental Despotism?

She is in fact an Asian immigrant who arrived here in 2000 at the age of 11. Specifically, she is a pure-blood Pakistani. (Wikipedia misleadingly calls her “British born” but her parents merely used the U.K. as a steppingstone to America.)

In America, Khan jumped on the “Blacks with Brains” gravy train, attending Williams College, Oxford University back in Britain for a year and Yale Law School, of course displacing native-born Americans as she did so.

(Boomers can still be found who believe that college admissions simply reflect superior ability. In fact these outfits could fill their intake with top-scoring applicants several times over. What they have been doing for a generation or so is building a Left Nomenklatura at the expense of Founding Stock Americans—see Great Replacement At Harvard: Non-Jewish White Enrollment Down To Under 10%—Less Than Jews, Less Than Blacks.)

This is a classic case of what we at have described as Indian CEO Virus. I discussed it at length in Immigrant Activist Nandini Jammi Trying To Ruin Revolver News—These Indian Invaders Take No Prisoners I wrote:

My own view is that most U.S. Indians are, very discreetly, very anti-white, and see living in America as prosecuting a race war. But it has to be remembered that inter-communal conflict in India is exceptionally ferocious and, effectively, Zero Sum.

(Pakistan, of course is on the Indian subcontinent and was part of Britain’s Indian Empire).

It should never be forgotten that one immigrant, Parag Agrawal, made a key contribution to the 2020 election saying

Our role is not to be bound by the First Amendment… focus[ing] less on thinking about free speech, but thinking about how the times have changed.

[Twitter Files Show How Dangerous “The Indian CEO Virus” Is. Indian Immigrant Blocked Hunter Biden Laptop Story,by Eugene Gant, December 3, 2022]

Able and engaging these people may be. But the evidence is they care little for American traditions.

We have to ask about their arrival: Is It Good For The Historic American Nation?

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