Great Replacement At Harvard: Non-Jewish White Enrollment Down To Under 10%—Less Than Jews, Less Than Blacks
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Ron  Unz [Harvard ’83] has posted a 5900 word article about 21st century racial discrimination in the Ivy League, and concludes that in spite of the  ”Asians. Asians. And Asians” focus of legal action and Conservatism, In fact, it’s actually non-Jewish white Americans who are ”hardest hit.”

He’s been writing about this for years, writing, for example, ”[I]t appears that Jews and Asians constitute approximately half of Harvard’s student body, leaving the other half for the remaining 95% of America. [Some Minorities Are More Minor than Others, Wall Street Journal, November 16, 1998].

Harvard was, of course, founded by non-Jewish white Americans (the Historic American Nation) in 1636.

Now, writes Unz, it’s much worse:

Since 1980 every college and university in America has had to report the demographic characteristics of its student body to the National Center for Education Statistics. Our own website provides this public data in a highly-convenient form, allowing easy examination of the historical trajectory of all our thousands of undergraduate academic institutions. The 2021 numbers are not yet out, but I am able to provide a table showing the changing enrollment at Harvard College since 2012:

Harvard College Demographics Percentages
Year White Black Hispanic Asian Foreign
2012 45.1 6.4 9.2 17.8 11.2
2013 44.9 6.5 9.3 18.1 11.5
2014 43.8 6.8 9.9 18.6 11.2
2015 42.7 6.3 10.4 19.2 11.7
2016 41.2 7.0 11.2 19.6 12.0
2017 40.4 7.6 11.6 20.2 11.5
2018 39.1 8.3 11.2 20.2 12.4
2019 37.6 8.6 11.1 21.0 12.3
2020 34.2 11.0 12.3 21.7 11.7

One of the most striking facts is that during the last five years the percentage of black students grew from 6.3% to 11.0%, a remarkable rise of 75%, certainly the most rapid increase in Harvard’s history. Moreover, the more recent numbers will surely be much higher, given that blacks were 14.8% of the students admitted in 2020 and a whopping 18% of the 2021 admissions.

The Iron Law of Arithmetic demands that percentages must sum to 100, so during this same period, Harvard’s white enrollment dropped more than 10 percentage points, steadily falling from 45.1% in 2012 to just 34.2% in 2020; perhaps this year it barely exceeds 30%. And if, as seems likely, ethnically Jewish students are in the approximate range of 25%, the inescapable conclusion is that although white Gentiles are 60% of the American population and probably over 65% of our highest-performing students, they have now been reduced to a single digit presence at our most elite college. As I noted in my original 2012 article [The Myth of American Meritocracy] Harvard has long enrolled American blacks at a considerably higher rate than non-Jewish whites, but the former are now likely larger in absolute numbers even though the latter are more than four times more numerous in our society.

[Challenging Racial Discrimination at Harvard The Supreme Court Reconsiders Affirmative Action,, October 31, 2022]

This is a long article, and The Myth of American Meritocracy, November 28, 2012 was five times as long, but the very short version is, as I say above: ”Non-Jewish White Enrollment Down To Under 10%—Less Than Jews, Less Than Blacks.”

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