Immigrant Activist Nandini Jammi Trying To Ruin Revolver News—These Indian Invaders Take No Prisoners
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Last week, the indispensable website Revolver posted A Grinch Is Trying to Steal Revolver News… Fight Back Here, December 6, 2022.

This discusses the damage done to Revolver and other right-wing sites by the pogroms engineered by one Nandini Jammi, who since 2016 has been intimidating advertisers whose online spending might appear on these sites. She crowed on Twitter (June 9, 2022):

Five years ago, I co-founded the campaign to make Breitbart unprofitable. They lost 90% of their ad revenues in 3 months. Today, we’re launching the campaign to take on Fox News—and we know exactly how to get the job done

This effort extends to service providers. Revolver notes

Shortly after our launch over two years ago, Revolver collected over 200,000 emails from fans who wanted to receive our content in the mail. Nandini got Revolver deplatformed from every single company that facilitates mass email sends.

( was deprived of all advertising long before Jammi went into business, but like Revolver keeping mass email capability is an ongoing battle.)

So who is this Nandina Jammi who seems to have no compunction in suppressing the ability of her political opponents to express themselves?

According to her Wikipedia entry, she was born in Hyderabad, India in “1988/1989” and was brought to America as a child. Ethnically she is  Telugu, the 4th most spoken language in India. This fact has apparently not sensitized her to the issue of Majority power abuse.

So in other words, Nandini Jammi is another Indian up to No Good, an issue flagged here by Eugene Gant: “The Indian CEO Virus”—Is It Good For The Historic American Nation? This documents amongst other things how incoming Indian CEOs at Adobe, IBM, Google, Microsoft and Twitter promptly accelerated H1-B Visa inflows.

Gant followed with a gem of a column, My Readers (American And Indian) Comment On ”The Indian CEO Virus.”

I strongly urge readers to look at this post, in which some of the best insight comes from what Gant calls “Righteous Indians”:

“Excellent article,” another wrote:

East Indian influence and power completely overlooked by Right and Left. If you want to see what America would like if these people have control, look no farther than the mess modern India is.

The remarks on Oracle are priceless.

My own view is that most U.S. Indians are, very discreetly, very anti-white, and see living in America as prosecuting a race war. But it has to be remembered that inter-communal conflict in India is exceptionally ferocious and, effectively, Zero Sum. This was beautifully caught by a comment on the great but now-defunct blog Life of an I.T. Grunt

At 4:16PM Anonymous said:

Once the Hindu-Indians take over the whole IT department (Hindu only IT ghetto), the following series of events takes place-

  1. Hindu-Indian programmers further divide into two groups (North Indian Hindus and South Indian Hindus). This dividing process takes in few weeks.
  2. North Indian Hindu programmers further divide into five groups (Punjabis, Gujarathis, Marathis, Bengalis and the rest). This dividing process takes in few months.
  3. At the same time, South Indian Hindu programmers further divide into four groups (Telugus, Tamilians, Kannadigas and Malayalis). This dividing process takes in few months.
  4. Only one of the nine above mentioned sub-groups finally ’survives’ and ’occupies’ the whole IT department. This dividing process take at least a year.
  5. Among the final group, each Hindu-Indian IT programmer tries to bring their spouse/sibling by eliminating other ones.
  6. So, the left overs in this final Hindu-Indian programming group will be a couple of ’families’ and ’extended families’. The cubicles will become their ’homes’.
  7. Conclusion - So here we have a ’Slum dog Family’ Hindu-Indian Programmers forming a chaotic mini-Third World country within the IT departments across the Western corporate world.
  8. God save America and other Developed nations !!! asks: Does America really need these people?


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