Crime Truth Leakage At
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As its name suggests, the website ZeroHedge mainly hosts bloggers from investment banking and financial services, talking shop.  These folk are not much interested in crime and law enforcement except where these issues intersect with their own work.

Somewhat surprising, therefore, to see this show up at ZeroHedge.

Over the last couple of years, one of the dinner discussions our family has had relates to the observation that many, if not most, of the alleged perpetrators of violent crimes whose photographs appear in the mugshot section of our local newspaper's crime report are black.  We live in a very white area of what used to be rural farms and ranches, but is now being quickly developed with multi-family housing and strip malls.  A large metropolitan city is a short drive.

The kids and wife have asked me, "Why do you think it is, dad, that the murderers and robbers are usually black?" How is a dad supposed to answer this?

First, I wanted to look at more data than just the police report of our local paper. What I found is... ... [Blacks are 13% of US population, 37.6% of prisoners, and 71% of shooters in Chicago by "hedgeless_horseman"; ZeroHedge, June 23rd 2015.]

The truth about race and crime leaks out in the most unexpected places.
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