House GOP Shows Signs Of Life On Impeachment, Birthright Citizenship! So Why Go Out Of Session?
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The House Republican majority hasn’t done much in the 118th Congress. They’ve stopped Democrat legislation and initiated some possibly significant investigations, but haven’t advanced any ideas of their own. Still, maybe they belatedly got the message: Leadership Republicans are moving on the impeachments of Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and a prominent gadfly has introduced a bill to deny Birthright Citizenship to illegal aliens. Great!—but then they just inexplicably adjourned before moving impeachment (or anything else) forward.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy inspired national headlines when he said he’s now more open to impeaching Biden. He told Fox News’s Sean Hannity that the president’s business dealings are “rising to the level of impeachment inquiry, which provides Congress the strongest power to get the rest of the knowledge and information needed.”

McCarthy has long pooh-poohed impeachment and tried to steer his caucus away from it. But the mounting dirt against Biden has apparently changed the Speaker’s mind [McCarthy says Biden family allegations are ‘rising to the level of impeachment inquiry,’ by Summer Concepcion, NBC News, July 25, 2023].

Some of McCarthy’s critics believe he has genuinely shifted. “It’s meaningful that he has broached the impeachment subject, and he has acknowledged that the evidence is mounting against the president,” said Virginia Rep. Bob Good, one of the few Republicans to not vote for McCarthy to become Speaker [House Republicans line up behind McCarthy on the Biden impeachment seesaw, by Sarah Ferris et al., Politico, July 26, 2023].

At a closed-door meeting with his colleagues, McCarthy distinguished an impeachment inquiry from an impeachment vote. He said the caucus is not to the point of an inquiry, which could then lead to a vote. McCarthy said the caucus is considering a formal inquiry and nearing that point.

Not quite a stirring endorsement of impeachment, but it certainly differs from McCarthy’s past dismissal. Question is, what will Biden be impeached for?

Past efforts, such as Lauren Boebert’s attempt last month, quite correctly focused on the president’s refusal to uphold immigration law and his aiding and abetting the illegal-alien invasion at the southwest border.

But the new efforts seem entirely focused on the Biden Mafia’s corruption. McCarthy said possible impeachment inquiries could include “IRS whistleblower allegations that the Justice Department hampered the federal Hunter Biden probe, questions about Biden family business deals and an uncorroborated FBI document that links the president to an unverified bribery claim,” according to the Politico report.

Significantly omitted: the Great Replacement invasion that has imported millions of illegals to colonize the American Heartland.

That’s certainly a red flag. Immigration could be added to articles of impeachment that focus mainly on corruption, but such a broad indictment would distract attention from the National Question and Biden’s border treason.

However, immigration does play the central role in the growing movement to impeach Mayorkas. When he appeared before the House Judiciary Committee last week, several Republicans verbally assaulted the Biden crony. Many of them alluded to or suggested impeaching him.

Colorado Rep. Ken Buck said his constituents call Mayorkas a “traitor” and blamed him for the thousands of Americans killed by fentanyl. Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, who reintroduced articles of impeachment against Mayorkas in February, told the DHS chief his evasive answers were “disgusting.” Virginia Rep. Ben Cline promised Mayorkas the committee would hold him “accountable.” New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew said: “If you will not resign, that leaves us with no other option. You should be impeached.”

A week before the hearing, the House Homeland Security Committee issued a report that found Mayorkas was “derelict in his duty, and that this dereliction has been intentional” [Republicans tear into Mayorkas as impeachment efforts build, by Suzanne Monyak, Roll Call, July 26, 2023]. The report’s authors say it could be used as the basis for the Judiciary Committee to file impeachment articles.

So the GOP is sending a message to the man entrusted with protecting the border.

And recently Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, one of the GOP’s young stars, introduced one of the most important bills this session. His bill would end “unqualified Birthright Citizenship” to ensure the children of illegal aliens are no longer considered Americans. “Birthright Citizenship has been grossly and blatantly misapplied for decades, recently becoming a loophole for illegal aliens to fraudulently abuse our immigration system. My legislation recognizes that American citizenship is a privilege––not an automatic right to be co-opted by illegal aliens,” he said [Congressman Matt Gaetz Introduces ‘End Birthright Citizenship Fraud Act of 2023,’, July 25, 2023]. The bill would deny citizenship to those born to foreign nationals illegally in the U.S.

The babies of Refugees, Legal Permanent Residents, and Aliens serving in the military would still be given citizenship.

The Refugee exemption—aren’t they supposed to want to go home?—is a disappointing shortcoming of the bill. Sources tell another Republican is preparing a better bill. That would be the bill for immigration patriots to support.

But Gaetz’s legislation is still a step in the right direction. For years, Republicans have (again inexplicably) ignored this critical issue, first raised by in 2001. While illegals pour in through the border by the millions, few Republicans worry about their “Anchor Babies.” Now that appears to be changing. GOP POTUS candidates Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have both pledged to end Birthright Citizenship. Trump even promises to do it via Executive Order. Gaetz is ensuring that it stays in the public eye.

Whether impeachment or ending Birthright Citizenship move forward depends on the GOP’s thin majority. The so-called “moderates” (let’s start calling them “wimps”) can determine what passes in the House. They don’t want to impeach Biden or address the border invasion.

One of the loudest advocates of Doing Nothing, Politico noted in its report about McCarthy’s move toward impeachment, is appalling Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales. “Impeachment is going to suck all the oxygen out of this place,” he was quoted as saying. “The people back at home in my district are worried about inflation, worried about the border, their kids being safe in school—you know, real issues.”

While saying he cares about the “real issues,” he’s the primary roadblock to House Republicans passing serious border control bills. He claims those measures are “un-American” and “un-Christian.” He won’t support ending Birthright Citizenship.

Wimps worry that impeachment threatens reelection changes in battleground districts. But it appears Republicans can no longer ignore Biden’s massive corruption and will pursue some course of action, wimps be damned. McCarthy would not discuss the subject if it were out of the question. Even he can’t continue to ignore the base.

But it will be a bittersweet impeachment if the border is ignored. This is the issue Republicans must focus on to win in 2024.

No matter how corrupt the Biden Family is, voters don’t care that much about Hunter Biden and his prostitutes. They care more about what directly affects their lives. Immigration is one of those issues, and we have a president who has destroyed the southwest border. It’s better politics to impeach over that than to focus entirely on Biden’s corruption or his drug-addled son’s notorious laptop.

The other problem with a Biden impeachment: It might persuade the GOP not to impeach Mayorkas. Republicans may decide to focus on the bigger target. The powerful Republican Study Committee wants Mayorkas to be the primary focus of impeachment proceedings. While Biden deserves removal, a Mayorkas impeachment is guaranteed to push the immigration issue front and center. A Biden impeachment might not do so. It might also be easier for wimps to impeach Mayorkas because he’s so unpopular. Impeaching the president is far riskier [Judiciary GOP torn on Mayorkas impeachment as conference eyes other options, by Rebecca Beitsch, The Hill, July 26, 2023].

My view: While it would be best if the GOP impeached both border traitors, if the party only chooses one figure to go after, I’d favor the one where immigration would be the primary issue. Right now, that looks to be Mayorkas.

House Republicans must do something bold before the 2024 election. They need to show the American people they can do more than perform cheap stunts.

The gravest threat facing America: an illegal-alien invasion, aided and abetted by the president, that will dispossess and replace the Historic American Nation.

Republicans must hold those responsible for the invasion accountable. Republicans must pass bills to solve the crisis. It doesn’t matter if they fail in the Senate. The measures will show Americans what Republicans believe and what they can do if they have the necessary power.

It’s time for the party to stop talking and start doing. The outcome of the 2024 election depends on it.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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