Border Patrol Union: Mayorkas Is A ‘Lying Scoundrel’; Homan: He Committed Perjury
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The Border Patrol Union has described Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about as perfectly as anyone could. He is, the union tweeted today, a “lying scoundrel,” who has destroyed the morale of every agent who works the border.

The union’s tweet riffed off Fox News’s story about Mayorkas’ testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. Tom Homan, former director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, called it perjury. “He’s not telling Congress, the American people exactly what he’s doing. He’s lying to the American people, and he’s lying to Congress under oath, which is a crime in itself,” Homan told said on the Faulkner Focus:

Homan said Mayorkas should have been impeached a year ago and that he is an embarrassment to his office.

“What this man has done is violate the oath of office he took,” said Homan. 

“He sits here under oath and tells Congress that illegal entries are down 50%. Well, he knows what he’s doing. He’s taking thousands of people who enter illegally and pushing them through a port of entry through an unlawful program he created,” said Homan, accusing Mayorkas of “bringing thousands of illegal aliens to a port of entry that he knows don’t qualify for asylum based on ten years of data.”

[Mayorkas accused of lying under oath, playing ‘shell game’ with data by former border official, by Elizabeth Heckman, July 27, 2023]

VDARE has reported this subterfuge on myriad occasions:

Representative Mike Johnson of Louisiana nailed the unindicted Cuban-Jewish visa fixer too:

I’ve been in Congress seven years. I think you’re the most dishonest witness that has ever appeared before the Judiciary Committee, and I think I speak for a lot of my colleagues.

In other words, Mayorkas is a lying scoundrel.

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