In Post-Election News: An Elderly Democrat Leader Is Senile and a Biden Is Corrupt
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Earlier: There Is No Way Hunter And Joe Biden Aren't Corrupt

In news that couldn’t possibly have been reported before the election for Reasons, it was announced this week that 87 year old Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) is over the hill cognitively and that, yeah, Hunter Biden likely is a crooked influence-peddler.

As you’ll recall, Twitter and Facebook shut down discussion of the latter before the election, while Capitol Hill insiders kept the former locked up, in part due to not wanting to reflect analogously on the Democratic candidate.

In other upcoming news that nobody could possibly have known about until, at the earliest, November 4, COVID seldom kills people in the prime of life, and that Pfizer would have announced the success of its vaccine on November 2 if it had followed its published clinical profile, but it wasn’t in the mood.

Also, there has been a whole lot of looting and shooting since Memorial Day.

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