Happy Cinco De Mayo: Please Don't Riot! (And If You're Illegal, GO HOME!)
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sombreroThe picture above is from a story about the University of New Hampshire.Photos of American girls wearing sombreros and drinking Corona led to "racist" incidents—i. e. fake hate crimes. [Task Force Formed After Racist Incidents Releases Findings, AP,  April 22, 2018]

Cinco de Mayo represents cultural imperialism by Mexican immigrants—but if whites participate, it's cultural appropriation.

Here's something I wrote in 2005:

A Happy Cinco de Mayo...

...to the citizens of the Estados Unidos de Mexico who are still in Mexico. And also to those of their compadres who are legal residents of the United States. As for the rest of you, i.e. the large Mexican illegal population, wouldnt this be a good time to return home to celebrate your national holiday? They miss you. Most Americans wouldn't.

This is from 2015, when Jeb Bush, who has a Mexican wife, and Mexican-American kids kept forgetting that he was trying to run for president of the the United States:

Here are some random Cinco de Mayo posts:

StudentsFlagsMorganHillCincoIn 2010, some American high school students—not Mexican-American but American-American—were sent home on Cinco de Mayo because they showed up at school wearing American flag themed clothing:

Administrators at a California high school sent five students home on Wednesday [May 5th] after they refused to remove their American flag T-shirts and bandannas—garments the school officials deemed "incendiary" on Cinco de Mayo.[California Students Sent Home for Wearing U.S. Flags on Cinco de Mayo, by Joshua Rhett Miller, Fox News, May 6th, 2010]

"Incendiary" means that Mexicans, seeing an American flag on their sacred day, might get violent. This case made it almost all the way to the Supreme Court:

From that last link:


The school had been experiencing gang-related tensions and racially charged altercations between white and Hispanic students at the time. School officials said they feared the imposition of American patriotic imagery by some students at an event where other students were celebrating their pride in their Mexican heritage would incite fights between the two groups.

[Supreme Court rejects free speech appeal over Cinco de Mayo school disputeby Lawrence Hurley, Reuters, March 30, 2015]

James Kirkpatrick:

Keep in mind, the justification here is that the school acted properly because of the fear there would be violence if, shall we say, American students of Mexican descent saw the American flag on Cinco de Mayo.  The implied threat of violence enabled by ethnocentrism and hostility towards our country is now endorsed by the highest court in the land.

man_file_1058508_4add16a76471ba5620a2ec8b19a1b0c2.500x375x1Needless to say, the government would not be so lenient if it were whites making threats of violence.

Yes, imagine how much more you would have heard of this story if someone tried to stop students wearing Black Lives Matter shirts because of imagined danger from whites.

So once again, Happy Cinco de Mayo to those who celebrate it (including American girls in sombrerors) but if you're an illegal Mexican in the United States, please refrain from rioting and GO HOME!

James Fulford [Email him] is a writer and editor for VDARE.com.


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