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September 18, 2004, 05:00 AM
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Illegal Aliens Self-Deport  [Peter Brimelow] - 09/18/04

The Irish Echo`s Ray O`Hanlon reports that New York State`s new rule requiring a valid Social Security number to renew driver`s licenses is prompting Irish illegal aliens to leave the U.S. Yet another example of the ways in which illegals can be persuaded to self-deport—something that has apparently never occurred to the Bush Administration`s Asa Hutchinson.

Michelle Malkin`s "Self-Hatred" [James Fulford] - 09/18/04

I see that critics of Michelle Malkin`s new book on internment are accusing her of being a "self-hating" Asian American.

I`ve always felt that anyone accused of being self-hating for refusing to toe the left-wing line (Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly) should simply look the critics in the eye and say, "I don`t hate me. I hate you."

But there are two other points:

  • Michelle is an American. Her defense of America`s actions in World War II show her to be a non "self-hating" American. Some people call this "loyalty." You could look it up.