Bush Vs. Jay Leno On Cinco De Mayo
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I found this this while I was searching for immigration-related humor:

President Bush celebrated Cinco de Mayo at the White House last night and said, “We consider ourselves fortunate that Mexico is a friend and a neighbor.” Then Bush said, “And by neighbor, I mean the kind who climbs over your fence and refuses to leave.“[Conan O'Brien, May 6, 2008, via Newsmax.com ]

The funny thing, which is not actually that funny, is that Bush actually did say the first part of that, the “We consider ourselves fortunate that Mexico is a friend and a neighbor” part. [Bush praises Mexican Americans at Cinco de Mayo dinner, The Associated Press , May 6th 2008 ]

Actually, Mexico's presence on America's southern border is a piece of bad luck. There are worse countries to share a border with in the world (France, Russia, China, Germany) but since the US only has two borders, and the other one is with Canada, may I point out by way of comparison that Canada hasn't invaded the US since 1812, whereas Mexico had the the "Plan of San Diego" as recently as 1916, and is continuing a slow motion invasion today. Likewise, Canadian ghettos in the US tend to consist of Mike Myers and his buddies in Hollywood, while violent Canadian gangs, (known as "hockey teams") are fairly harmless compared to the Mexican Mafia.

It never occurred to Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz, who said “Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the United States" that US might not enjoy the experience either.

As far as Bush's Cinco De Mayo speech goes, I'll let Jay Leno have the last word:

President Bush held a Cinco de Mayo dinner celebration at the White House last night. He praised the people of Mexico who come here to do the jobs Americans don’t want. As opposed to the people of India who are doing the jobs Americans did want.


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