Election 2020: What's At Stake For The Historic American Nation?
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The media had a grand time calling Trump’s immigration policies "racist," but unfortunately for them, Trump’s policies were popular with all kinds of voters. It wasn’t just "angry white men" who were losing their jobs and neighborhoods (and sometimes their lives) to immigrants. So were black people. So were Hispanics. So were teenagers. So were—well, to be fair, Asians were more likely to be the ones taking those jobs.

—Ann Coulter, Trump NEEDS To Talk Immigration, It's What Won For Him Last Time!


The 2020 Election And Immigration Patriots: Some Bright Spots—And The Bad News Might Be Good!


Stephen Miller On Trump's Second-Term Agenda: Punishing Sanctuaries, Limiting Asylum, More Travel Bans...And A Continued Moratorium


Michelle Malkin: The Mob Is Being Mobilized To Steal The Election From Trump


Stupid Party Hacks Try To Dump Trump, Again. They Will Regret It, AGAIN


Philadelphia Shows Riots Are The New Normal—And Could Force Out A President Biden


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