America’s Health Care System Is “Possessed”—By Mass Third-World Immigration
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A young woman comes into the ER suffering violent seizures. Her husband says she is “possessed.”

She’s possessed, alright. She has potentially fatal cysts in her brain, which she got from eating contaminated or undercooked pork. The condition, whose medical name is neurocysticercosis, better known as the Pork Tapeworm, was virtually non-existent in America—until mass Third World immigration from Central and South America  blessed us with it.

Some fall into comas. Some are paralyzed down one side of their body. Others can’t walk a straight line. Still others come to [Dr. George] Nash partially blind, or with so much fluid in their brain that they need shunts implanted to relieve the pressure. Some lose the ability to speak; many fall into violent seizures….

The closer scientists look at the epidemiology of the disease, the worse it becomes. Nash and other neurocysticercosis experts have been traveling through Latin America with CT scanners and blood tests to survey populations. In one study in Peru, researchers found 37 percent of people showed signs of having been infected at some point. Earlier this spring, Nash and colleagues published a review of the scientific literature and concluded that somewhere between 11 million and 29 million people have neurocysticercosis in Latin America alone. Tapeworms are also common in other regions of the world, such as Africa and Asia. “Neurocysticercosis is a very important disease worldwide,” Nash says.

[Hidden Epidemic: Tapeworms Living Inside People's Brains by Carl Zimmer, Discover Magazine, May 15, 2012.]

Neurocysticercosis is only “a very important disease worldwide” thanks to mass, Third-World emigration.

The patient has been here for years, yet she speaks no English. That is because America’s other institutions are also “possessed.” [Untold Stories of the ER: Stabbed in the Heart/Off the Record/Possessed!, January 28, 2012.]

The doctor who treats the woman, Dr. Cesar Aristeiguieta, is an Affirmative Action baby. He brags about how he wants to provide medical service to his “community,” to help “Spanish speakers.” (He’s a white Hispanic from Venezuela ) He expresses none of the typical sawbones’ desire simply to help people get well. He is only interested in helping his people. He has completely exploited his political status, is a star of the Untold Stories of the ER show (with four appearances and counting), and was even appointed director of the California Emergency Medical Service Authority by Gov. Terminator in 2005. [Governor Schwarzenegger Appoints Cesar Aristeiguieta Director of the Emergency Medical Service Authority, CA.GOV, Office of the Governor, undated.]

Some other blessings brought by mass, Third-World immigration to America’s reeling health care system:

  • ERs that shut down for the day early, and are thus unavailable to Americans who have paid for health insurance and have real medical emergencies—because they are full of free-loading, Third-World immigrants with the sniffles. The Wall Street Journal, of all places, published a long article on this problem ten years ago, telling of insured Americans driving all day from one closed ER to another;
  • ERs that have been shut down altogether, due to abuse by free-loading, Third-World immigrants; and
  • Entire hospitals, which have been shut down for the same reason.

Consider Peninsula Hospital, founded in 1908, one of two hospitals that served the 130,000 residents of New York’s Rockaway Peninsula, where I live.

In 2009, MediSys, the big healthcare firm, playing the role of “white knight,” took over the failing hospital, only to shut it down in 2011, with $60 million in debts.

The hospital was then taken over by a second white knight, Revival Home Health Care—and then shut down again in 2012.

The official story: Peninsula was hurt by its dependence on Medicaid for revenue, and was “driven into the ground” by its two corporate “white knights,” at least one of whom bribed politicians to get state funds, and one who allegedly robbed it blind, both of whom have since been charged with various felonies or civil racketeering violations, and in one case, convicted. Three prominent, longtime local politicians have also been charged with corruption, with one facing a possible 30 years in prison, one currently in prison, and a third who already died in prison. [PHC To Close Doors: Addabbo FHC Seeks To Pick Up Some Slack by Howard Schwach, The Wave, July 29, 2011; Fraud drained Peninsula Hospital, suit says by Barbara Benson, Crain’s New York Business, September 15, 2013.]

Apparently, Medisys CEO David Rosen didn’t pay enough politicians enough money to buy adequate protection from prosecution as well. And so, in 2012, Rosen was convicted of bribery, and sentenced to three years in jail. (Rosen has appealed his conviction.) [MediSys Big Sentenced To Three Years by Howard Schwach, The Wave, May 11, 2012.]

And when the state shut down the hospital’s lab services in 2012, Peninsula’s Number Two man reportedly e-mailed his boss: “Can't we bribe anyone?” [Fraud drained Peninsula Hospital, suit says, By Barbara Benson, Crain's, September 15, 2013]

Here’s my take: The Rockaways are a peninsula (hence the hospital’s name) dominated by an ever-burgeoning majority of blacks and Hispanics. The majority of the populace was black, most of whom are poor and working-class, and don’t pay their hospital bills. In recent years, the Third-World invasion has taken root, as well, with entire neighborhoods being taken over by the El Salvador-based gang, MS-13.

Note that every hospital emergency room is obligated by law to treat every patient, regardless of his ability to pay, and is forbidden to inquire as to his immigration status

Since Peninsula hospital was getting stiffed by most of its patients, or getting meager Medicaid payments, it was faced either with going under or with bribing its way to political influence and the taxpayer dollars that brings. There was no legal source of additional revenue.

The criminality, both proven and alleged, at Peninsula, is a case of cascading failures. If you make it impossible for a multi-million-dollar business to make a profit legally, its owners will find a way to turn a profit illegally.

Mass, Third-World immigration entails billions of dollars in health care costs incurred by free-loaders, while hard-working Americans, who pay through the nose for their own health insurance and for the Third Worlders’ care, are robbed of health care for themselves. has reported forever on the

…the appearance among us of diseases that never before afflicted us and the sudden reappearance of contagious diseases that researchers and doctors eradicated long ago...

Malaria, polio, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and such rarities of the Third World as dengue fever, Chagas’ disease, and leprosy are surfacing here. In the states that border Mexico, writes columnist George Putnam, there is “a steady, silent, pervasive invasion of the United States by an unarmed army carrying an assembly-line of diseases into the heart of America.”[ One Reporter's Opinion: 'Illegal' Health Risk,  NewsMax, May 22, 2004]

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, writes author-columnist Phyllis Schlafly, “reported 38,291 California cases of tuberculosis that included Multiple Drug Resistant Tuberculosis which is 60 percent fatal and for which treatment costs $200,000 to $1,200,000 per patient. Illegal aliens also bring in syphilis and gonorrhea. “

Bedbugs have invaded the United States for the first time in 50 years, with 28 states reporting recent infestations.

In May 2006, the New York Times reported that one in every seven East Asian immigrants in the city, as many as 100,000 people, is a carrier of hepatitis B—an infection rate thirty-five times that of the general population. Almost all the new measles cases in America are brought in from abroad.

[State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America , by Pat Buchanan, 2006]

The Main Stream Media rarely report honestly on the connection between health care, disease, and immigration. Veteran ABC News reporter Michel  McQueen Martin did a story a good ten years ago on Nightline on hospitals that were using strong-arm methods to collect delinquent bills from middle-class, American citizen former patients.

Martin depicted the hospitals as heartless grinches, but she declined to tell viewers what every reporter who studied American health-care costs knew: Every hospital of any size, in any area with a substantial immigrant population, loses millions of dollars per year on unpaid bills by immigrants, in addition to a fortune on unpaid bills by American blacks.

The hospitals write off those patient groups—and thus have to go all the more aggressively after patients who are not members of politically protected groups, if they do not want to end up like Peninsula.

The subhed to Carl Zimmer’s Discover Magazine story: “Parasitic worms leave millions of victims paralyzed, epileptic, or worse. So why isn’t anyone mobilizing to eradicate them?

Actually, thousands of people have mobilized to eradicate them—immigration patriots. The only way to “eradicate” this problem is to stop the people who carrying and spreading this plague from entering the country, and to deport those who are found here.

However, the same MSM that calls for eradicating the problem demonizes those trying the hardest to eradicate it as “racists,” “xenophobes,” etc. etc.

Dr. Nash talks of medical therapy for neurocysticercosis. His journalistic cheerleader, Carl Zimmer, says supportively: “None of this is rocket science.” Yet even Zimmer acknowledges that the side effects of the known therapies for neurocysticercosis are almost as bad as the malady itself.

Millennia of hard-won lessons in public health were turned into simple, draconian, yet effective policies: turning back all immigrants with communicable, dangerous diseases, and quarantining all people with such diseases in the interior, be they immigrants or citizens. This hard-earned wisdom was destroyed, beginning in the 1980s, by militant homosexual AIDS campaigners. Now, the federal government deliberately imports people infected with HIV or AIDS, as a politically protected victim class!

And federal immigration policy aggressively favors the most primitive people on the face of the earth. We at have frequently written on the refugee resettlement racket, with its fondness for Somalis, whose idea of roasting meat is to set their kitchen floor on fire. Now consider people who have presumably been eating pork for centuries, yet still haven’t figured out how to cook it!

Not too long ago, I used to hear that one out of every five Americans was of German descent (as am I). The thing about the Germans is, not only are they high-IQ, hard-working, obey the law, and are self-reliant… but they know how to cook pork!

There is a law of ethics that such disparate thinkers as Kant and Rousseau recognized: If you desire the ends, you desire the means.

All the money in the world won’t rid America of Pork Tapeworms, tuberculosis, etc., as long as the borders remain open, and immigration enforcement is handcuffed.

These simple, common sense practices would save the taxpayers trillions of dollars in the long run.

Just as neurocysticercosis, Multiple Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, etc., are fatal, if not eradicated in the individual case, mass, Third-World immigration, if not eradicated, proves fatal to the body politic.

It needs to be surgically excised.

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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