Rep Luis Gutierrez—MSM Darling, Deadly Enemy Of America
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H/T One Old Vet. Don't laugh - think California

As Peter Brimelow noted in DREAM Act's Gutierrez: "I have only one loyalty"—and it's not to Americans it appears ethnically Puerto Rican Congresscritter Luis Gutierrez (NumbersUSA F-) has thrown his lot in with the “Immigrant” aka Reconquista Hispanic Immivasion and must be considered an enemy of the historic American Nation.

So of course this has earned him a book contract with a major publisher and a big puff piece in the Chicago MSM outlet The Chicago Tribune: Gutierrez book criticizes Obama on immigration By Mark Jacob September 30, 2013

The book is Still Dreaming: My Journey from the Barrio to Capitol Hill, (if you buy it on this link gets a commision - a sure way of annoying Luis Gutierez!)

The book is obviously designed  to give President Obama cover as a “moderate” on immigration – and even to promoting Marco Rubio!

Obama finally acted in June 2012 to help the "dreamers," immigrants in the country illegally who came to the U.S. as children. But Gutierrez believes the president's hand was forced by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who came up with a plan that Gutierrez and other Latino lawmakers had planned to support if Obama didn't act. "In the end he was outflanked by Marco Rubio," Gutierrez writes.

In reality Obama outflanked the GOP Establishment.

The review’s most valuable wonkery contribution:

The book lists only one author on the cover — Gutierrez. But the title page credits the book to "Luis Gutierrez with Doug Scofield."

USA Today reported in June that Scofield, a former Gutierrez chief of staff, had earned more than $500,000 in taxpayer money in the last 10 years as a contractor providing training in Gutierrez's congressional office.

Gutierrez must be acknowledged as the leader of the Treason Lobby forces in the House.

Any association with him is a betrayal of America


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