San Francisco Amnesty Extremists Block Deportation Bus
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In an act of escalated lawbreaking that mimicked a recent Arizona deportation blockage, immigration anarchists sat down in front of a bus filled with illegal aliens being deported from San Francisco.

Unsurprisingly, local media treated the behavior positively, with no opposing view, even though the city is familiar with terrible crimes committed by non-deported illegal alien criminals. In 2008, Salvadoran gang member Edwin Ramos killed Tony Bologna and his two sons when he mistook them for rival gangsters. Ramos had been actively protected as a violent offender by the city’s sanctuary policy.

Even given the recent history of foreigner crime, San Francisco media did not use the incident to point out the benefit to public safety that comes from deporting illegal alien criminals.

As the article notes, no arrests were made because of the city sanctuary policy.

Activists Block Bus In Protest Near San Francisco Immigration Office, CBS San Francisco, October 18, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Dozens of protesters surrounded a bus believed to be filled with immigrants slated for deportation at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in San Francisco, a protest organizer said Thursday.

The protesters included dozens of undocumented immigrants and immigrants’ rights advocates who rallied for the expansion of a national movement to pressure President Barack Obama to halt immigrant deportations, according to Jon Rodney, a spokesman for the California Immigrant Policy Center.

“We are not going to wait for Congress anymore. We are not going to wait for Obama. This is a humanitarian crisis, two million people deported in 5 years,” protester Hairo Cortez told KPIX 5.

The protesters blocked what was believed to be a bus carrying immigrants to be deported from the USCIS office at 630 Sansome St., Rodney said.

“There are family members, there are mothers, there are fathers, there’s children, brothers, sisters that may never see their family members again,” said Jen Low of Asian Americans Advancing Justice. “The plan is to go nationwide until the deportations stop and until we get deferred action or a pathway to citizenship.”

Police negotiated with the demonstrators to move away from the bus, which was able to go on its way after a couple of hours. Citing the Sanctuary City policy, no arrests were made and no one was handed over to federal agents.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement had no comment on the protest Thursday night.

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