U.S. Worker Displacement Armageddon Intensifies In October | VDARE Video Bulletin
November 16, 2022, 07:03 PM
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October’s jobs report was even more disastrous than September’s, which we described as “Armageddon.”

The unreported fact is that immigrants took ALL October’s new jobs—and more

Immigrants (legal and illegal) gained 15,000 jobs, a 0.05% gain from September.

Native-born Americans lost 343,000 positions, a 0.26% decline.

Thus, the New VDARE American Worker Displacement Index (NVDAWDI), our name for the ratio of the immigrant to native-born American employment growth indexes since January 2009, rose to a record 126.5 in October, up from the previous record (126.1) just set in September.

Despite 1.008 million immigrants reported as unemployed in October, the foreign-born working-age population expanded by 2.459 million, year-over-year. This was the largest year-over-year rise since we began tracking the foreign-born working-age population in January 2009

Another displacement metric—the immigrant share of total employment—hit a record 18.506% in October, the highest since we started tracking employment by nativity in January 2009. In June of this year 17.847% of jobs were held by immigrants.

For more commentary on National Data from October by VDARE Editor Peter Brimelow, click here.

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