Victim of Daunte Wright Dies From Wounds | VDARE Video Bulletin
November 15, 2022, 05:57 PM
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As we reported previously, Daunte Wright was the aspiring career criminal who choked a woman while robbing her at gunpoint before becoming a martyr to the woke mob when he was shot while fleeing from police with a suspended license, active restraining order, and an outstanding bench warrant weapons charges, but more on that later.

The officer who shot Wright is now serving a two year prison sentence for first and second-degree manslaughter. Go figure.

Wright’s funeral was attended by Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump, the latter serving as legal council to Wright’s family, as well as Minnesota’s top Democrats including Gov. Tim Walz, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, and Rep. Ilhan Omar.

As Steve Sailer writes for

They wouldn’t get that many top Minnesota Democrats to show up for the joint funerals of Fran Tarkenton, the Coen Brothers, Garrison Keillor, Bob Dylan, and a risen-from-the-dead Norman Borlaug.

But about that weapons charge: One victim of Wright’s criminality has recently passed away from his wounds. His name is Caleb Livingston, and was only 16 years old when a bullet fired by Wright was lodged in his head at a gas station in Minneapolis, rendering him permanently disabled.

the late Mr. Wright, a robber, was wanted on a warrant for waving an illegal handgun before making his getaway, so the Brooklyn Center police were under an obligation to arrest him.

But, instead, that is now considered the Wrong Kind of Gun Control. The point of gun control is not to disarm dangerous criminals like Daunte Wright, but to express our distaste for law-abiding rednecks who want to buy rifles at Walmart.

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