Yes, the Media Doesn't Get It—But Most Whites Can't (or Won't) Help Them
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By now, we've had almost two weeks of the media's mostly absurd attempts at self-analysis about the election of Donald Trump.  [Media Looks Inward After Donald Trump Surprise, by Steven Perlberg, Wall Street Journal, November 9, 2016] Most of it misses the mark.

Some in the media haven't missed a beat, harping on the "white nationalism" of Steve Bannon as if the election were to be held tomorrow.

In introducing Jared Taylor for NPR's On the Media, Bob Garfield intoned that "to know him is not to normalize him"

But if the erudite and mannered Taylor has to be handled with trigger-warning tongs by NPR, it shows why the media didn't get Trump's appeal.

Because if Taylor is such hot stuff, your average white voter with the same objections to white displacement won't stand a chance.  Why in God's name would he or she offer an honest opinion to the media, knowing it's populated by Bob Garfields, for whom the merest whiff of political incorrectness is grounds for a call to the Southern Poverty Law Center?

I heard these whites all election season, and they weren't more honest around me (I carefully patrol the borders of who knows my real feelings and who doesn't).

Hillary, they would say, is untrustworthy.  They have their doubts because of that e-mail thing.  They like Trump because he's going to bring jobs back to America.

Please.  Allow me to supply some honest quotes, Slats Grobnik-style.

  • "Yeah, I'll tell you why I'm voting Trump.  It's because I'm sick of seeing a woman in a full Muslim burkha walking down the aisle at Target.  It makes me sick.  We should ship them back to Iran."
  • "I'm voting for Trump because of Black Lives Matter.  Those assholes hate white cops, and my brother's a white cop.  They're out there encouraging the killing of police, and the media treats them like heroes.  Meanwhile, the people really responsible for killing black men are other black men."
  • "Trump is my man because I can't stand pressing one for English.  And I hate seeing all the Mexicans in the parking lot looking for work."
  • "Me?  I'm worried about whites becoming the minority.  I couldn't get a job because of affirmative action.  And our babysitter is going to marry a black guy, and I think it's a terrible idea."
Of course, expression of any one of these opinions would be grounds for getting fired or hit with a hailstorm of social media attack.  So it's unwise to offer them to the media.  And whites remain silent.

Question is, how to break this cycle of ignorance?

One idea is for the media to ensure anonymous quotes for everyday white people.

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