Why Did Trump Win? Post-Obama, Blacks Couldn't be Bothered to Turn Out for a White Woman
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From the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage poly sci blog:

Why did Trump win? More whites — and fewer blacks — actually voted.

By Bernard L. Fraga, Sean McElwee, Jesse Rhodes and Brian Schaffner May 8 at 6:00 AM

Like with the Oscars, where it became a national crisis that blacks hadn’t won the Best Picture Academy Award for two entire years, once a Party goes black it perhaps can never go back. As I wrote in VDARE in 2009:
It’s not all that hard to get blacks to feel that they morally deserve something, such as, for example, predominance in the Democratic Party. African-Americans are good at feeling that others owe them deference.
The Democratic Party brain trust ought to be working around the clock to find Sen. Cory Booker a nice black girl who wants a husband and a baby by 2020 and doesn’t ask too many questions.

Another possibility is that blacks, on the whole, were unenthusiastic about Hillary’s embrace of Black Lives Matter. Sure, the ambitious, noisy, professional black malcontents whom Hillary talked to all loved BLM, but did the bus drivers and DMV workers?

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